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  • I like the other chick better. BTW check out this LadyEnvy on my profile; what u think of her?
    Is this the same girl as before? She has some nice....assets from what I'm seeing...lol..
    Quero dar mais atenção aqui. Não estava me sentindo a vontade no 1upsmash, e quem te falou que foi power abuse? lol

    Outra coisa, tenta fazer aquelas coisas dos Custom Stages na BK. Quem sabe um dia eu viro Legend e ajudo(você pode contribuir com isso!). xD

    Velho, de boa, eu quero um camp. aí em Brasília. Estou necessitando de um! Tens notícias sobre o Kodama? E o que você acha de tentar fazer um camp. lá no beta? Será que dá um bom número? Dá uma passada na ROBoards depois e vê o Power Rankins. =DDD
    Nah...I didn't post that but TheMike is a fellow ROB main. I don't kno him personally, but I kno he reps ROB well in Brazil. I had no idea you two knew each other in RL. He seems like a chill person (as every1 does in Brazil lol).
    Ur PC exploded? Dag...did you buy it from US's dad? In that case, it's acceptable lol. And yea I gotta check out Brazil one day.
    Cant keep me back from loving it though!
    Always nice to talk to a fellow Brazilian from time to time. Cya
    I can speak pretty decently but Ive got a really awkward accent which is like a mix of deep American south dialect and nordestino dialect. Its really odd to here it. My dad kinda hates the culture so he doesnt encourage it much but my sister and I always speak Portuguesse with my mom and stuff.
    We usually go to visit our family every other year. Just say hi and stuff and usually bring them some clothes and money since they live in one of the poorer towns.
    Being Brazilian always has some benefits. We always have the best parties out of any cultures.
    Nah my dad was from French Canada and was adopted so he lived in Ohio for his life. Then he moved to California for a few years and lived there. Meanwhile, he met my mom who moved over to California when she was fifteen to be a house cleaner. The rest is history and now we live in Georgia.
    Im half French and half Brazilian. Unfortunately, I havent got a lick of spelling in me so I can speak and read but cant write worth jack.

    Trovão.... PQP!!!!!

    Relaxa, vamos fazendo aos poucos e eu vou te mandando algumas coisas quando tiver resultados. Durante a semana vai ser tenso pra mim então vou tentar fazer algumas coisas amanhã.
    Seguinte mermão, MK é 100% da Tier List e pronto hahahahaha zuando. Sério, vamos traduzir aquele tópico do teste do MK para port, certo? Vamos dividir a traduçao pois senao fica muito tenso =0

    Por enquanto tem 4 pessoas ajudando o rapaz lá. Dois Tournament Directos e dois players. De 4(lol) pessoas, 2 BRs.

    Yup. Black and proud lol.

    And it's a lot of spots you could check out in the states. I live near DC so we have the capitol where the President lives, museums, monuments, ect. If you're looking for something warmer, then Florida is where you wanna be. I have family down there and we hit up theme parks (Universal Studios and Disney World), beaches, a few parties, and just have a good time. But it all depends on where you want to do. Anything up north of MD I'm not too keen on however; US may know more than me.
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