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Last Activity:
Apr 24, 2015
May 27, 2006
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Boca Raton, FL

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Smash Hero, Male, from Boca Raton, FL

Affinity was last seen:
Apr 24, 2015
    1. Crome
    2. *JuriHan*
      havent been on here in ages good lord. Rofl @ kirby now what? E tier? Knew it. Garbage character ever since people learned how to SDI his stuff properly, even so his metagame never grew while others advanced, no safe approaches, can't kill well anymore. Last time I played I like... almost never even bothered with f-smash. Glad I ditched this ****. Was right about everything. And he's going to drop a bit more, Sonic should pass him up. Add me on facebook:

    3. F8AL
      Happy birthday dude!
    4. Sars_Pirate
    5. HaiWayne
      what happened to fino?
    6. Mr. Doom
      Mr. Doom
      Okay, that's fine with me.
    7. Sars_Pirate
    8. Nicole
      lol i dunno if i can afford a trip to brazil anytime soon...
    9. Mr. Doom
      Mr. Doom
      lol I was thinking Pokémon would suit me more.
    10. The Real Gamer
      The Real Gamer
      Yeahhhh we talked for a while and I told her how much I care about her and she told me she cares about me a lot too but she can't do anything about it for the time being cause of her boyfriend.

      But I'm completely fine with it I've been talking to other girls recently so me and her will most likely remain best friends for a while. Just knowing that she actually returns my feelings though makes me happy enough. :)
    11. Nicole
      it's a character from fullmetal alchemist (an anime)
    12. 황미영
      You see those teeth?

      I'mma chomp you hard. >:C
    13. vato_break
      you are very good
    14. [FBC] ESAM
      [FBC] ESAM
      <3 that lol.
    15. Holms
      Man, the last few I've tried won't load. So I said forget it.
    16. Hylian
      No idea. There is a setting to subscribe to threads you post in however.
    17. Yink
      I resigned, due to school and work! ^^;
    18. The Real Inferno
      The Real Inferno
      yeah I registered on it, though I don't really understand what it's significance is. Is that where I would also register who my doubles partner would be?
    19. Trent
      I've totally seen those before. :P
    20. Mr. Doom
      Mr. Doom
      Taken care of.
    21. napZzz
      Sounds like a plan
    22. napZzz
      I can camp, but will you let me use nades or no, sometimes people dont like me using them in dubs. If you dont want me to use nades I'll just try to walk away from **** andumm try to punish ****
    23. napZzz
      aight, how you want me to play? Do you want me to lead? Do you want me to not use nades? offense? defense?
    24. napZzz
      works for me, you gonna play mk?
    25. napZzz
      yeee, haven't you quit this game like 12412313 times lately tho
    26. fragbait
      lol, Thanks. I was ready for a change.
    27. Yink
      Haha, thanks for joining the fanclub. I still get embarrassed every time I go in there. >_<
    28. Degyn Sefer
      Degyn Sefer
      i didn't know you had a 360 xD

      Gamertag: D3GYN S3F3R
    29. Gnes
      Hey havent seen u guys in a while...just making sure your still alive :)
    30. UTDZac
      I'll have to check. I really need to get those vids up. Got to find them first ><
    31. *JuriHan*
    32. Depster
      Happy birthday!
    33. Depster
      OK, nothing crazy though, I've got a lot of family on there.
    34. Teh Future
      Teh Future
      I can team with you for slast. we can either do double mk or snake mk, idk we can try some things out in the morning when we get there :D?
    35. *JuriHan*
      wowowowowow i stop spamming mk around here then THIS turns up when people search me.


      fffffffffffff now ppl gonna think imma ho fo real ._.

      i gotta start spammin bison like mad now...... ><

    36. istudying
      Biggest EU tournament that will be held on the 19th of July. All top players + EU countrys will be there.
    37. istudying
      So i saw something of you posting in the UK thread that your going to London, Why not join Bushido (BBI, Ally will be there in France.)
    38. *JuriHan*
      Do you have a 360? I got one for my birthday a month ago and im totally getting super street fighter 4. I did research and my favorite character Bison rapes. I haven't been able to use my favorite character thats actually viable since Smash64 (I never got serious with Melee, and even if I did I would want to play as Mewtwo... and we all know how he is lol.)
      Bison legit as hell, he even has a move that cuts through projectiles so he can't get camped! YES! YESSS! He is delishish!

    39. *JuriHan*
      Psychology. (It's how I got my unrivaled prediction skills @ Pokemon. )

      It was very fun and rewarding. My parents both majored in it, and they had their old psych books. When I was young I would read them for fun and it really set me ahead of all of this. Lol, I swear I learned more reading psych books on my own than the junk they taught me in High School.

      Are you doing any education?
    40. *JuriHan*
      Hey friend, you still alive? I haven't been on here too much... I'm on my last two classes to finish my bachelors, then we're off to Dallas. I assume you have been busy as well?

      *reads below*

      lol get out son, @ playing on f-smash.com. You better than that. :lick: ;) Well, there are a few legit people there... unless it changed last time I used it.



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