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  • Hey sai do you think you can pass this around to whoever likes blazblue? guys confirmed date for a tournament May 7th, Blazblue, plus Marvel vs Capcom 3 friendlies and or a side tournament. The location will be Roxx Electrocafe

    214 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 (Roxx Electrocafe)

    Going to put up a thread soon.
    Hahaha so true, I did not see that coming at all. XD

    Yo whatever man, joke's on y'all. Once I learn how to skadoodle into Google Earth I'll be enjoying my free worldwide travel FO LYFE! =P
    its Swordplay....from holy house 3

    My Tatsunoko vs Capcom FC is 4211 5404 2537

    It was nice to meet you. Hope you get this message
    hey sai, can i brawl you sometime? You seemlike a great diddy player and i just wanna see you in action :/
    Youll probably 3 stock me lol
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