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  • yo dog, I'm at a ~5% chance of attending the big house. you should probably look for a different teammate. G_L_H_F_!_~
    Thanks for the info dude. I'm still considering going, actually. I WAS at 100%, but then I was like "oh yea. School's expensive. And kind of more important." So I am not totally sure yet what I'm doing. But thanks man :)
    Yeah, I couldn't bring anything even if I wanted to. I don't own a cube/wii or the game. Not even a portable TV.
    haha yeah they said they did....hopefully they were for real... if not.. then i don't think i can.. $$$ is a bit tight.... so if they can then yeah i'm all good for showing :)
    haha you got me man. add me to your attendance. :) should be fun stuff <3 thanks again for the warm welcome and event. n_n
    Long time no see man! Yeah I've been good, keeping busy with university and what not. I quit smash for about a year but after the Project: M demo came out, I began to play a little bit again. What's been up with you?
    Well I guess any compliment is better than none. :) I thought you'd be different too. The Kenshin avatar looks very serious and peaceful so I thought you'd be this super serious guy, but I thought you were funny and cool. Yeah he told me that ive improved, which surprised me because I thought I was getting worse.
    Hey you.... ya you. Good luck in the track meet tomorrow. I know you'll kckas* but nonetheless lol. Hey do you still ahve the same number?
    Himura Kenshin is the best! It is good to see him here, too bad guys like him can`t be in SSB.
    I kind of quit Smash. I occasionally play Melee (like maybe once a month, hehe...) but I quit Brawl long ago. Not only did it bring hundreds of noobs into the competitive smash scene, but after a year of the game's release, the metagame really hasn't evolved and it's still the same. Oh well.
    Yes, I am indeed. I was probably in the top 10 in the Southwest. Maybe. But that was for Melee. Yea, I'll have to get online either today or tomorrow. Like I said, I don't really play online because I hate the lag, so next time you send me a message, give me a time to get on and I'll be on sometime around then, aight? Hopefully I can do the stuff I want to show you online, heh.
    Really? You're that far up there? Weren't you supposed to show me some stuff online? Where have you been...
    Are you? Heh, funny. It's OK. There's a lot of people who are older than me here. That would explain, though, why you were so calm at my ridiculous post. Just remember, the rule of seniority has no meaning online or in a video game. I'm the second youngest smasher in NM, and I'm also the best(at Melee anyways). At Brawl...meh, top 5, I guess? Not sure though. I like Melee more. It's harder.
    Did I do that? Crap. Sorry about that. I already had trouble with that. I best be editing that real quick. What's up?
    Um, hello. First message!

    Try to avoid posting your sig in the DH, we've got some real picky people:).
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