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  • Hey I added you to facebook, message me sometime, maybe I could head to Niagara and we could chill and play smash all weekend or something. Lemme know.
    I live in Oshawa now brother!
    If anyone in the Niagara region is looking for people to play please text me @ (289)-686-0418! Located near Brock University and can host!
    Yes that would be great but Nicole is my Idol :p
    No offense! But may I could send you some replays from the tourney?
    I´ll try my best!
    Please do send me replays from the tournament (in avi format) and I will give you a full critique. Of course Nicole would be a better option due to her recent experience but I'm sure I am of help.

    Thanks for getting a hold of me !
    Sure I´ll send you some replays but don´t expect too much from me! I hope I´ll play versus some top players from europe like Mr.r, Leon or quiksilver.
    2C-X, DOx, 5/6-APB, Ethylphenidate, Methylone, 4-MEC, 4-EEC, Methoxetamine, N-Ethyl-Ketamine, 25-B/C/I-NBOMe, a-PVP, Etizolam and more, ask!
    Thanks a lot. Unfortunately I don't have a plethora of game play videos posted on stream....lol. Any advice for me on ground play game for Peach, cause it seems I am lacking it lol...or at least it feels that way.
    Hey man I heard you don't play brawl much any more but do you mind if I friend you and ask for a bit of advice reguarding Peach gameplay?
    I love your Peach. And the beginning of your combo video is hilarious!! I love playing Green Peach when I'm stoned. :-p
    Hey, can you sign me up as a maybe for your tournament? I'm more likely to come than not come now.
    LMFAO @ that thread. Happy birthday dude. I swear i knew when you said 'charming picture,' it would be you smoking something.
    Hey, I haven't really seen you around the Peach boards much lately. Wierd of me to post I know but I hope things are alright, you should have a visit and give some input to stuff sometime, the more the merrier. I know things have been kind of sour at the boards in the past but we're all trying to be better players

    Also, iirc there's a good IC's player in Canada and we're doing an Ice Climbers discussion atm, any input would be great. Thanks in advance
    Lets keep the peach legacy in Canada

    Only reason Dark.Pch is able to beat the typical peach main is because these peachs are following the guide that he wrote (which is complete fail most peach mains i've encountered fighting using his guides have been murked) it's pretty easy to destroy what you created so thus in turn makes him a typical peach mainer he's actually collecting fame amongst scrubs by beating Dark.pch clones that he created with his terrible guides, people who have trouble against peach actually read his guides and then stick a wrench in peachs plans.

    He lacks the ability to beat anyone with their own style end of story man sorry to bother you lol i'm getting sick of all these Dark.Pch followers i needed to vent on someone who knows he's a tool
    Im probably gonna arrive at your house today at something like 5-7 pm, sorry for short notice. I never see you on AIM/MSN unless you changed msn.

    Hey Niko. If possible, could you send me your address so I can tell my Dad where to pick me up from? I also need to know whether or not I can get from the tournament venue to your house (ride, basically; Josh's car will likely be full and my ride [Eric] wants to go back the night of the tournament).

    Otherwise I have to go home the night of, but that's not as cool as chillin' with smashers :D
    Hey hey Niko, about housing this weekend. We'll probably only be staying over the Saturday night as we'll be driving there the morning of. Could you confirm that we can get housing wif ya and what your address is?

    The people who need housing are:

    Potentially David's younger brother.

    Thanks much! =3
    can you house me for your tourney if it becomes 2 days for brawl since ur so close to the venue?

    alright well yo i got everything stteled out so all i am bringing is melee and my controller right :D
    would you be willing to be a discussion representative for the peach boot camp? Oh and I put you in the balanced group. Are the groups pretty balanced, or do they need some work?
    eyy yo smash at nates house on friday and yo man he moved like right beside us he lives 2 streets over so u can meet me at the terminal after school?
    ahh shiz nothin is going down now on friday some gay family issues have turned up :( **** eh it was such a nice turn oout
    yeah niko get back to me seriously cuz i want this **** organized should i meet u after school on friday at the bus terminal? and if u forget the directions to my house juss ask ur bro or go on the weekly practices thread
    OK SO is it ok at your place or should i keep it at my place?
    also do u think there should b like a weird enrty fee like anything thats worth $5.00 or over ?
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