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  • Nice to see you again, been a while. Heard your one of the top smash players in smash 4. Nice to see you didn't sell out and use a top tier character. You ever get your money for the gbs in 08-09? Shoot me a message love to hear how everything with you an Ally's going, or if you forgot who i am.
    Hey, did you go by the name Holy in For Glory on the 3DS? Because I remember playing a really good MK back in October called Holy, who also used Sheik and Mega Man in a few matches. I was Oblivion and used Ike.
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    Yes, I play mostly ROB and MK now. :)
    That's cool! I enjoyed those matches. I now mostly use DDD, Ike and MK. If you're up for Wii U matches we could add each other some time. My NNID is Oblivion129
    Ah yes.

    I know I've already asked, but please play >9000 friendlies with me on the 30th ;)

    also lol @ deleted post
    dat self wall post

    Alright, looking forward to playing you (and getting *****) again :103:

    Out of curiosity, do you speak Spanish? i herd u and ally wuz chilean a couple years ago

    :O good for him

    I remember seeing a results thread for "A&C SSBB Tournament #1" or something like that, and most of the entrants were random names (i.e. actual names of people, not tags/usernames) with Tin, Iliad, and someone else I forgot as top 3. The prizes were gift cards and such too. Do you happen to know if "Showdown in Downtown" was Tin's first tournament hosted there, or has he done more before that?

    I'm asking you and not him because he's not online right now btw lol.

    edit: this http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=303574, not all actual names of people but a bunch of random usernames that I've never seen before or after that
    Wait, does that mean it is a community hosted one? Or just hosted by the store with gift cards as prizes?

    Also I'd just like to tell you that you're a really nice guy (no homo :124:) especially because you always friendly me. lol
    Will you be at the A&C games tournament on the 30th? I don't know whether that's an actual community-hosted one or not, so yeah. There isn't an SWF thread so I don't think it is

    Will there be a melee tournament in the upcoming montreal tournament? or is it just brawl?
    I was joking about the mentor part but being good in videogames myself I've alway pushed Ally to improve. I don't think he would have gotten good that fast if I wasn't there to play with him. Same goes for him, we quickly improved by playing together. Sometime you just need some sort of rival to get better at games, motivation is needed.
    Yeah, I didn't really doubt it. There's general MK hate everywhere, and aren't you Ally's older brother?

    It all makes sense once you think about it.
    well i didn't want to fight, i just wanted to say hai.

    cuz i havent seen you in a while.

    I'm sorry to hear that, yes curse mk. WE LOST ONE OF THE GOOD ONEZ!!!!!!! D=

    OH NOEZ HOLY!!! lol well i hope your still finding brawl somewhat fun lol.

    i hope to hear about you in offline tourneys still budz. and may i ask of a wee lil favor??? make sure ally goes to C.E.O the GAMME replacement down her' in Florida. I MUST FIGHT HIM JUST ONCE BEFORE WE LOSE OUR BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD!!!! =3
    Hey Holy, could you send me a couple links to your most recent ROB vids? Like, up to date with the metagame? I need them for a project, and it'd be really cool if you did so.
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