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  • Basically, do it a lot.

    Most music stores will have old music for really cheap. I know the store I worked at had a room FULL of old music for about $1 per page if not even cheaper.

    Get a bunch of stuff you've never even heard, then try to work through it. It'll be hard and slow at first, but as you practice, you'll pick up on things, like always check key signature first. Once you know the key, you are going to be able to play the piece. Check for key changes. If none, look for any odd notes, and just work from there.
    I'm not sure what you mean. Classes? I am mostly self-taught with my improv, but I can try finding stuff online if you wish.
    Oh, I'm sorry if I didn't ask before, but... Why are you talking to me?
    Oh Christ, you should really add me on MSN or AIM or something.

    breakyaneck@hotmail.co.uk or Teran9017

    Pick your poison.
    Please don't tell moderators who to infract, there’s a report button for a reason. I’m sure the moderators in that area can decide for themselves whether he’s a troll or a new immature user who doesn’t follow the rules and will deal with him accordingly.
    Dude I'm gay you don't have to get all "no homo" preserving your 2in penis level masculinity on me.
    His face is the only pic on the internet with a perfect expression. Sure you could make that face, we all have, but that pic hasn't been on the internet until his face was on.

    So a small number of SWFers christened it chetface.
    Kids today are just mad dumb.

    My avatar is making the chetface. It's the face I make irl very often, an expression of bewilderment and disgust.
    I'm from London remember?

    If you were a stalker I'd just stab you. Seems to be how it works these days.
    Hrm...I'm not sure. It's been a while. I'd search through the Melee boards and see if anyone's posted about it recently, and if not, post a thread asking about it. Double check to make sure you got everything, as well.
    Most Germanic languages would be suitable, actually. German, Swedish, Dutch just being three. Anyway, yeah, Mandarin's quite a challenge. A friend of mine showed me a Mandarin dictionary (he's also a wannabe linguist and wants to learn Mandarin)...it hurt my soul ._.
    sorry man, im kinda a brawl player more than melee :ohwell:
    but ive had the game for about 7 or 8 years, and i played melee almost daily until brawls release... and im a luigi main in both games! hahah
    also, im not amazingly good at either game, so i prolly wont be teaching you more than you already know :laugh: sorry!
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