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  • Hey man, sorry I couldn't come to Cat4, some really unexpected stuff came up. D= Good job though!
    Perfect! Ill be in the car with Zaf and you so we can practice then :)

    Watch out, your almost at post 666.
    Sucks you're going to team with Bowyer, from the US. Way to backstab us Canadians eh? Maybe I'll team with Panda xD
    Lol I didn't mean to sound mean to him, I thought it wasn't fair because he didn't have to choose is CP due to the lack of communication but yeah it should have said nothing.... :/
    Sorry you have to deal with that. =/ 90% of the online Brawl community is kinda annoying. This is the last online tourney I'm going to host or participate in. I decided that before it even started.
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