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  • Hey, I recently moved down to Pensacola and am going to be here for about half a year. Looking through the Southwest board, it seems like you host tournaments here. Is there any sort of forum or Facebook group for the local scene (for any of the games) I could keep up with to know about upcoming tournaments?
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    Don't know If you already found it but look up Pensacola smash Facebook group.
    yo are we gonna play like 100 friendlies again this tournament? we are? cool. that's what i like to hear

    happy belated bday btw
    I forgot to give you shoutouts for balancing your controller on your head while sleeping at Open World Monthly.
    $100 money match bro
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    Please... let's money match our cars.
    Psh! Yeah dude I'll exploit that falcon for you but I'll need more value than your doo doo car to persuade me. Make it a thousand since you're so penisy
    hell yeah man. so far it looks like GA melee is coming strong, just as promised.
    it seems extremely tough to punish

    i'm not frame data wiz, however, it feels like theres a possibility to 'float' a d-air into them, like you space very hard so the initial up-tilt doesn't hit but you barely move close enough to hit with stomp after.

    ^ but its pretty tough, if not impossible when their up-tilt hits your shield and you are still in shield stun, running like a bich sadly seems like the only option

    OR you could wavedash out --> f-smash back at them as a mix-up
    Get a sound mixer if you want great quality audio. I personally use the Behringer XENYX 802, which ran me about $50, it's pretty awesome. You can feed in a couple of microphones, and even the red/white cables from your game audio right in there. Then with the mixing knobs you can get the levels just right to have audible, though quiet, game audio, and good sounding commentators. You then output the sound from the mixer into the computer for streaming.
    What? lol why are you apologizing? I was being serious. That was a lot of film to watch and you got a lot of matches up in like a coupe weeks time frame.
    just wondering because i just watched a couple of matches of his and i liked how he was slick at not getting combo'd easily / then i thought of you hah and was just wondering if you've ever played him before, seeing how you 2 are the only zelda mains that i know of / plus darkmusician
    oh dwam, i wish people would be like, at least willing to drive to you then ride with you.

    I know Hbox wanted to come to the next one or something. should be muchhh bigger.
    From where exactly? Florida? Im sure you could get some florida interest.

    I expect more then 60 for melee
    OH you're different than the Shag I've played then! That explains it haha.

    Well we'll play one day then. XD
    I thought you introduced yourself to me as "shag" for some reason...my mistake. I'll edit my post.
    yo, if we are still teaming and **** shoot me a text. 253 306 0912.

    im in room 0934.
    this might sound bleak or lame >< but the financial part for sure.... like right now Cape is helping me.. but I have to pay him back...so anything that can help me pay him..and supply housing.. anything helps man.. even $1 <3
    it's not ><; but Plaink/Cape are doing what they can to work something out for us so we can go. If you know anyone to help, or want to help. I'd appreciate that.. and I can help you out somehow too I hope.. ^^
    haha ^^ I try man you know ^^ i'm so glad you liked my video.. it would be cool to win this year.. but it's the first one.. so prolly not.. ><; but hey I try

    Thanks so much man ^^ i try ya know. just.. hehe idk what to say at times/many times at that.. All i can say is that i try to get better and better ya know ^^
    lol, if u want Ill team with you. I play fox mostly in teams. I can go m2 or falcon also.
    Hey Alex, are there any days this week Monday - Thursday that you are off or get off work early (like 1 or 2 PM)? I'm thinking maybe we could drive to play with Rice one afternoon/evening. Maybe we could take Pritch and he could round up some of his people to play with. Thoughts?
    I'm sorry man had to pack and stuff but I"ll be back the 26th or 27th I think and if we don't get the match in I"ll forfeit, sorry about that.
    Hey we're playing for the SC2 tourney, when are you free? I'm going to be out of town starting tomorrow so today is the best day for me to play, and I'll be on later this evening if that works.
    Yo Alex, I'm in Panama City for break for a little longer than 2 weeks. I definitely want to play some! I also wouldn't mind trying to play with Rice if we can make that happen. I'm usually free during the day through the evenings. Just let me know what days/times are good for you.
    Hey Alex, we're having a melee tournament in Gainesville in February. You should come! I know its a 4 hour drive, but its more manageable than Orlando!
    I can relate, sometimes I browse SWF on my iPod Touch and experience the same problem(s).

    Warning reversed, have a great day. :)
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