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  • Was that you I ran into in For Glory? I used ZSS/Robin vs your Bowser/D3/DK. I had to leave to go do something sadly.
    I didn't see this until now! It definitely would have been me!
    Yeah man, I'm down. I'm very good in teams no bull****, we'll win NO doubt in my mind.
    Cool. You're going to go to the monthly tourney here too, right?

    Anyways, I don't know if I can even hold the smash fest yet. Ask me later this week.

    BTW, your message space is full, so I had to reply here. XD
    Yo. As little as I care about the SWF Link boards, they're discussing G&W. No need for you to put any input on the MU if you don't want to, considering the real Links are at AiB, but some idiot G&W is claiming the Link's KO power is worse than Sonic's. He won't listen to the Links, so go shut him please?


    Btw, do you know where Deva has been lately? We're all kinda wondering why he's been MIA.
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