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  • Hi nLiM8d --

    Sorry for replying to your comment on my wall so late. I actually didn't see it until just now; because apparently I had you blocked this whole time and never realized, that is a silly mistake on my part. However, as fate would have it and with a stroke of luck, I only ended up seeing it because I had since been logged out of my profile. Moreover to the point however, dearest buddy, I am surprised that you still hold negative emotions against me, all this time later. I wanted to let you know that I believe maintaining that level of contempt against me for 12 whole years for a 1-point infraction, enough to the point that you felt the need to sign-into the forum after 6 years of inactivity, for the sole purpose of leaving a **** post on my wall, is genuinely unhealthy; and, as a result, I am concerned for thine mental health. I wanted to provide you with a few links that may prove beneficial in seeking the help that you need to get the **** over a 1-point infraction from 12 years ago. Lucky for you, and for my time's sake, I was able to find all of the helpful links listed on a singular website: https://www.health.com/best-anger-management-therapy-7112358

    I wish you luck in your journey in getting the **** over it. God bless.
    I still don't seem to remember much. How do I know you? Like from Mafia or what?

    It's still nice to know you... again. ^
    Hey man. I'm not on Smash Boards anymore, but I just wanted to say hi. You were a swell guy.
    Hey man, haven't seen you about in a very long time. Missing your invaluable input in to discussions and consistently thoughtful posts regarding anything from gaming to philosophy. :)
    It's been awhile since we've last talked.

    Just want to say that I miss you a lot.
    Yeah, this definitely sounds like Seth's department. He'll get this done in no time I'm sure. I'll watch so I won't be completely clueless and then I can just have him fill us in on everything else.

    Oh yeah, we might start the ToS playthrough tomorrow? ...We'll see if that happens though
    Haha I completely understand, I went back to shuffling a lot. Lost interest in the thread again
    I never said it makes me uncomfortable, it is just uninteresting to me personally. Obviously it isn't inherently uninteresting or else it wouldn't happen, but I personally don't enjoy typing little off-topic herp posts.

    I agree that it is great to be casual and be as amiable as possible, no reason to be worried about judgments and so on. That is why it seems strange to think that because I don't want to participate in a form of posting that I'm not a good poster. We all have different reasons for why we come on here and post, and for me personally it isn't to really engage in that type of posting. I like to be laid back and type whatever comes to mind, but in that particular instance, if I say something pretty simple, it gets heavily contested and analyzed, so I don't get to be as comfortable in that way.

    After all, we're all different people, reading in our own ways the words that are projected in front of us isolated in individual posts, so there is plenty of room for that, so I accept the necessary existence of it, I just prefer to stay away from that energy when it arises because that does indeed make me uncomfortable. I'll be real with you, even over the internet, I hate negative energy and confrontation. :laugh: Quite the sensitive purple pikmin.
    It's rather infrequent, really. Takes at least 2 days. To be massive is the norm. Do you know how many toilets I've broken? They can't pass without causing some damage either. Sometimes I'll see two drops of blood in the water, staring back at me though they were the eyes of death. Maybe it runs through my veins at this point.

    Some kind of reluctant destiny of association. Death by **** for a ****ty guy.
    I like the color it is as I have it though, I'm just waiting for your lighting to change so I don't have to keep changing it.
    Sorry, I've been busy. I could barelly read what you guys were talking about.
    There's so much I'd like to talk about after this E3, but I can't seem to find the energy and time to do so.
    I'll appear on the thread as soon as I can. Don't worry! :D
    Sure man, I'm just on my own little war path right now, so don't mind me. lol

    Just post a link.
    I was posting something on Iblis' profile and couldn't help but notice you saying "Ms. Kaoru" in one of your VMs

    So are you into Rurouni Kenshin too?
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