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    Thanks for thinking about me.

    I would say I'm doing pretty fine. Sure there's always the pressure of college work, but those can never stop me. Currently exploring my new hobby of manga and anticipating Smash 4.
    Glad to see you got An American Tail. It's one of my Top Five favorite movies and I'm sure you enjoyed it. Did you get the VHS or DVD release? Mine is a 1987 VHS copy.

    And yeah, I'm not that interested in video games anymore. I am not even sure if I will get Smash 4 (thought I probably will since it will most likely be as good as the past three games, which I felt were all excellent). After next gen, I am going all retro for gaming and focus on anime and movies for my hobbies. Of course there will always be music of all kind to accompany me.
    Hi. I just noticed that you commented on my profile, but removed the message. Whenever or not it's anything positive, I'd like to hear it (unless it was something you thought was a mistake on your part).

    Also, happy 1st anniversary on this forum. I know it's a day late, but I decided to be nice.
    Thanks for the Friend Invites!
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