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  • No, none at all. I just want to read something better than english class. I'm on break from school LOL
    Possibly LOL, it might just be the fact my Dragonball vids are buffering slow now, and I've still worn from not going to sleep until 5am
    That's not my intention. He has every right to be here as anyone else. It is how he is, and I'll have to accept that. I was kind of angry during today's conversation, though.
    I'm sorry N, but asage's comments are something that have been bothering me for a long time. It's not just about what he said at that particular time.
    oh yea they did it recently, its a shame because not so long ago you could even find episodes on YT, I watched it like last year or 2 years ago and a bit of the 2nd season before the license stuff
    oh no its not strange, fanservice is very rare in both seasons unless you're into DEM HIPS, most of time its really just adventure and comedy

    Its a french cartoon by the way and the reaction faces like this one are priceless
    its okay, its a mix of action adventure and comedy

    which "leak" are you talking about?
    My avi is a ingame screenshot of Zelda Skyward Sword, or are you talking about my profile picture?
    Can't really remember the research. Do you remember it?
    Aside from my grammar mistakes when I was younger, trolls and ragers are the only other people who have criticized my way of posting in my nearly 5 years on smash boards. You seem to be the only with you being the exception.

    I don't know what to make of your first message on my profile other than "okay, you talk with a lot of adjectives and you don't want me to makes comment on what you said when you are talking to someone else on a thread." I have no issue with that at all.

    It is what you said to me in the thread that bugs me...

    No singling out here for my particular excerpt, as far as I'm concerned you tend to belittle more than most anyhow, but that's a conversation for another time.
    Unless you are talking about me and Mars (which I won't get into), or Kuma and SmashChu (urg) I assume that post is about me. I don't see a legitimate reason why you or anyone who isn't aiming to demean me would post that about me.

    I am totally respectful to asage. I see no indication that asage feels belittled, either (if something about me is bugging him or anyone else, I will work to fix the issue). I fail to see a reason why you or anyone else would feel belittled by me.

    I carefully consider what others say, and read most posts thrice before responding. Most of my opinions on the Smash Wii U thread come from opinions of others that have truly chiseled away my true feeling towards everything. They give their input, I give mine, and so the conversation goes. I don't see why this method I use to converse with other people would bug you.

    If you don't want to converse with me that way, it is totally cool. Just say it simply like that. Express what about me truly distresses you simply.

    I thought we were cool, and I want to keep things cool. I want to fix the problem as soon as possible; not let it linger. That is why it matters to me. If I am making this out to be a bigger deal than it is, I am sorry. I just hate letting drama and ill feelings linger with someone's opinion who I care about.
    Any time man. I did find the missing chapters though if you didn't see my EDIT.

    It's time for me to get reading again. lol

    Also Happy Holidays to ya. ;)
    EDIT: Wait, never mind, I think I found the missing chapters.

    It's hard to tell what's going on with it. The current translations don't match up with what I've read about on Serebii, so some chapters are missing/not translated. All I do know is that the manga is already starting to come out in the U.S. in mini volumes.

    HG/SS looks like it's come out next year, as it looks like there is only one more volume that will be finishing the Platinum arc (comes out in January I think).

    Here's where you can read what so far has been translated of the BW arc. It's is in order, but the first few chapters or two are missing from what I can tell.

    I won't give any spoilers, but N really changes the atmosphere of the manga in comparison to the other villians thus far.
    Well if you are going to say I am insulting people or shooting their opinions, then that does involve me. There is no "perception" in that. All I simply want to know is what would make you say that.
    I get out on Thursday...I know it's crazy! Also her birthday is tomorrow. Going to swag out all purple since it's her favorite color. So whenever you're ready to talk I'm home.
    Thanks for understanding at least haha. I got all handle, and the gifts she must of got me are HUGE.
    For anyone who will drop by, I appreciate discussing subjects with you and catching up.
    However, there is something to how subjects relate on discussion forums that disturbs me in a fashion that doesn't line up with the natural way to process forum behavior.

    I feel as it to be necessary to isolate myself in order to rectify this issue as it might reflect my manner of discussion down the line.

    Again I am glad to discuss, but I'd rather be more accurate in my sincerity. I hope my friends here will understand so as to think kindly of me in the future.

    Thanks guys.
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