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  • It's funny, I never would have taken you for Gold. ;)

    He's definitely one of the funnier characters though. I'll have to re-read some of the arcs when I get some time off.
    It's funny but the last time I checked many of those we not there. Time to get reading.

    Too bad they're sort of out of order. Hopefully the volumes will come out soon, I'm tried of waiting for the end of the Platinum arc (comes out in May :p).
    Hey, remember when I asked you what song I would be, then you told me I'd probably be something from Coldplay? Now that we've talked more, do you still think of Coldplay? Just curious to hear what you think. ^^
    Yeah, for a Nintendo 64 game it is pretty good. I was surprised how well it looked. The only one that I believe looked better are the old Custom Robo games for N64.
    Trying to keep it that way. I want to see Smashchu's response to my post to him though and I wonder why he complimented me and called me smart.
    Okay! SO, I went on a car ride with my girl, things are good again well between me and her. But my mother is another story...
    @PS: When did that start happening? If you are talking about how short my VM response are because I was typing with one hand that makes me lazy.

    In other translate it for me because I couldn't anything even when I tried to read in context.
    After a long considered thought...well actually can you get on skype? I rather express this enlightenment on there. I think you'll like it haha
    Aiyyo son, mission accomplished. Not room for one dumb character argument. When this weekend is over I'll be so happy. Three days of no character stuff. Hahaha
    Ooh. Forgot about that essay. It's here.

    I haven't really received much of a feedback, just people agreeing with me. Hopefully, if you want to give feedbacks, discussion can commence.

    I also remember that you said I have something I might want to response to a few days ago. Well I do and I'll PM you my response to that quote.
    You need to be using Samus' grab sparingly. There were places where you just tossed it, leaving you open. You also missed a few opportunities to use it.

    Overall, you need to be more aware of how punishable anything you do might be and to be more adaptive.
    I'd do it. Although really Breath of Fire is one of those games that is not going to see a dramatic increase, but you never know.
    What I was meaning is games go through this parabola like sale life. When a game is first released it is expensive because it is new. As time goes on it begins to drop in price. Yet as time continues to progress there comes a point where systems and games become "retro" and the price for those games begin to escalate again. Not every drop and increase is dramatic, and it is not always certain for every game, but it is something to watch for when looking for older games. People will sometimes take advantage of that principal and make a game appear worth more than it is.
    Yeah $16 is a reasonable price for a good quality GBA cartridge. Just be aware of old games and their parabola sales effect.
    You should look around online and compare some of the prices. Anything above $20 is probably too much.
    Thanks for the thumbs-up on the Horn Cap. Posting here because I don't think a simple thank-you is worthy enough for full post on the real thread (despite the knowledge people have posted less in a single post before).
    For a case like this, it would probably be best to have it in a private setting, there are a couple of options available. You can either PM me the user and the situation at hand, and I can try to conjure up a solution. Or if you feel it is enough of a problem to require further action from a higher-up, you can make a thread via Forum Support regarding the user's behavior.
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