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  • Everyone's heard the call of their duties leading them down their own paths. A record of times past similar, I've only known bitterness.

    I am unfamiliar with the taste of 'bittersweet'
    I would say, yes. Powershielding is pretty much the same concept as Guilty Gear's Instant Block and Street Fighter 3's parries.

    From a design stand point, I don't care for the mechanic unless there was some catch to power shielding. Something that would make me think that maybe I shouldn't power shield. That or just get rid of the thing.
    This is one thing that's worrying to me about Takamaru's chances. I would love to see him in as a playable character considering that he is Nintendo's first samurai and has been relevant. He's also been getting high requests over here and a decent amount of mention over at Japan as well, so he's pretty much the best choice for a retro rep now.

    Lip is also another great option since I also want her, but I can imagine many people being disappointed due to a lack of Takamaru. Lets hope that Sakurai will allow some leniency to the one major thing that kept Takamaru from Brawl. If Takamaru is ruled out by Sakurai, while this does make Lip likely, it also increases the chance of us getting no new retro rep, which would be very disappointing.
    It's something that I really would love an answer to. Right now, since we don't know what Sakurai thinks of this, I'm going to assume he's the most likely retro rep, but if the remake doesn't count in Sakurai's eyes, then there's no reason to expect Takamaru.
    Nukka, don't you think I tried that?!!

    First, iblis gonna come and roll of with 10k, then SSBFan goes in there and rapes with his epic 20k post, now ****** missed my opportunity cuz of CrimsonFeint!! Arg :urg:

    Don't worry though, that 40k and 50k posts are mine yo!!

    So if I may ask, what are you disturbed about? We can talk if you want to.
    Good to see that you have some common sense. XD

    We were all worried about you, hope this issue can get resolved soon, you are welcomed back with all arms Tupac my my friend.
    You are soo bad a$$ pulling that stunt like that, you really pulled out a good mindgame on us there. XD
    It's fine. There were others who missed you as well. I just pushed a little harder than most. Most of us have moved to the backroom group; it should be easier for ideas to be shared and discussed since we can create individual threads instead of having one enormous thread with everyone popping off every 5 seconds. Making it difficult for people to miss or overlook other's ideas.
    Hello there nLiM8d. Remember me, SSBF? We used to talk to each other about Victini a few times via PM. I hope you're okay.
    ***** I can care less what he is. That ***** became a brother to me. So the user can be the ****ing devil for all I care. ***** start talking some sense. Forreal N, you're bugging out on some serious ****.
    You got to be joking my *****. It's Iblis. You know? You're homie. nLiM8d, are you having amnesia?
    Aiyyo son. Where did you go?? You better respond to me too. I want real answers. Get to talking nukka.
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