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  • Ah, I see. Back in my hometown, French was the primary language there but now that I live in Ontario, there's no point in not speaking English. :c

    I hope they also bring back Afghan from MW2! That's my fav map! :D (Am I missing anything on the PS3 btw? I haven't turned mine on in like...forever.)

    Lower...I'll buy a copy for $20. It'll happen. One day. :smirk:
    Thanks, will do.

    And you know Spanish!?!?! Can you teach me some lines pl0x? And my dad does CS. He hates it ofc. :p

    That's cause Black Ops is a superior game in almost every single way IMO. Did you hear about 'Terminal' from MW2 being released for MW3 soon? Free too!!! :awesome: (17th for Elite members and the 18th for non-Elite. You're on the PS3 so you guys will have to wait at least 30 days to get it over there.) D:

    Is the game cheap on Steam/Origin?
    Oh? And luck so far? (As in, phone calls?) And any tips when it comes to building a good resume?

    Do you even have MW3? (I have bad memory...) And you play BF3 on the PC, correct?

    Uh, not much. Playing some iOS games on my old iPod Touch and I recently got back into TF2 on Steam. (Do I even have you added on Steam btw?)

    And I need to play moar PS3...mine has been collecting dust for the past few months...:c
    Computer science? Can you explain that to me so I can understand what it means?

    Btw, your current avatar is beautiful. Like you. ;)
    Nice, good luck on your finals, Thino! :)

    And what kind of job? I'm currently looking for summer employment in my town. I'm also going back to school in the fall.
    I keep on forgetting that you joined SWF before me. D:

    I should play my PS3 more often...

    Nah, my attention span these days is very low. Hence, that's why I mostly play shooters. :awesome:

    Also, I started to watch The Walking Dead today on Netflix, so far I'm loving it! :)
    I need to play more PS3, are there any good exclusive PS3 games coming out later this year?
    I was thinking about getting that game...on the 360.

    What's your opinion on the game? BF:BC2 was fine, I guess.
    Let's say you get a predator missile assault streak in MW3 and die, then you get another one, you can only use one of them, the other one goes away. :urg:
    Both IW and Treyarch continue to surprise me (not in a good way) with every new yearly instalment of CoD. I have no clue why IW made assassin protect you from this other ****. =/ (iunno why people even bother to use CUAVs...)

    I love it how they STILL haven't fixed the "get multiple kill streaks but you're only able to use one..." problem yet. SMH
    I hate it how assassin protects you from a million different things including CUAVs... =/

    Reminds me of Black Ops. Always use RC-XD/CUAV > Napalm/Blackbird > Dogs :awesome:

    I rarely have 4 bars in MW3 cause of the bull**** lag compensation. :mad:

    Do you use the MP7 w/silence and rapid fire or with extendos?

    MW3's spawns are bad. Even worse than MW2s. =/

    Really? Well Dome is a small map so I can SORTA understand, I guess.
    99.9% of my deaths in MW3 are cause of BULL****!!! (i.e. bad spawns, bad hit detection, lag compensation, gay class set ups/OP weapons/perks etc.) :mad:

    Yeah, those are only fun when you kill the guy! Not the other way around!

    I can't help it, CoD4/MW2 taught me to look at the mini-map. :urg:

    You suck, tactical FTW!!! Which is better? The super soaker or MP7? :confused:

    Hook me up, brah!
    How about the bad spawns, assassin users and panic knifers? :troll:

    What are YOU smoking???
    Really? I refuse to use that perk, it's overshadowed IMO since the pro version sucks. =/

    Yes, it's when you see a killcam within a killcam. Sometimes you can see THREE killcams in a killception! :urg:
    How so? I can actually tolerate MW2 for longer play sessions now. I currently have 17 nukes in total. :3
    Your resistance to bull**** must be higher than mine. Teach me your ways!
    You should check out his other videos, especially his "awesome series". :p
    Thanks, I'll keep that link in mind.

    And do you get the reference from my new custom user title? :p
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