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  • LOL!!!
    yea it is in english sum reason im pretty good at math and science and such but i dont rlly like english

    but thanks for pointing that out lol that is funny
    You seem nice enough yourself. I'm sorry about the infraction and all just that if you don't take action right away things get out of hand. A lot of cool people play Brawl+ you should give it a try. It's an awesome addition to Brawl.
    Oof, good shot. Most of my friends are indeed mediocre players.

    But my join date! Look at that baby. Nearly 4 years here. And you, you're an 08er.
    You clever, clever devil.

    Let's leave Pichu out of this.

    However, you have only 4 friends. 4! Compare that to my dozens.
    Hey, Pichu gave his later evolutions the superpowerful Volt Tackle. If it weren't for Pichu, what would Pikachu's Final Smash be? I'll tell you: something lame.
    Was that a burn, mister? If it's a burn fight you want, then it's a burn fight you'll get.

    Your avitar is ugly.
    Dude, I haven't been on in 3 months. And you should read my post on the first page. I will make the sig, but I don't know the order, so send me it.
    Lol, I like Jin better actually.

    I just chose the word "無限" for the meaning. Which is infinite, or limitless.
    Have you heard our podcasts on iTunes? They aren't videos, but it's where all the SMYN-ness started.
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