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  • I've gotta say, I find it kinda funny that Mario used to insist he could beat you in middle school, when it's clear now you were in an entirely different league from him xD
    You were ROCKING that Guilty Gear, man. I didn't get to see any of your Melee matches, but I'm sure you were on point! Good stuff. One day I want to be just like you :3
    Hahaha, what's up, man? I met you last summer, actually. My name's Jaron, I'm friends with Mario (I assume you remember him from middle school) and I played you once last summer at Trey's apartment. I'm pretty sure you came to Animazement too, right?
    Man, I didn't realize how good you were till after I played you... I've improved dramatically though, we might have to see what goes down ;D
    yo, im trying to help out the smash scene in SC and it would be nice for you to join our myspace group. we feel myspace is the best way to reach the largest amount of people :D plz join to help us out:

    sup, i see you live in SC!
    me and my friends are trying to start up a smash scene here and wed like to try to get all the help we can. if you interested plz join our myspace group:

    yo wats up man...if you play smash 64 im tryin to get a tournament together in Fort Mill (bout an hour from Columbia)...if interested just get back to me
    Sweet, sweet.

    Hope to see you there man!

    I'm definately gonna be there! That shiz is gonna be too good!
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