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King Siegfried
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  • well, i guess springfield is a bit of a drive for you guys.. 4.5 hours ish, which is a bit too far for a small tourney

    yeah i don't have a car so I don't know about being able to go down, but if you guys ever decide to come to St Louis, my dorm has plenty of room to house people, or anyone else in st louis could house you guys too (we have a dozen or so smashers, soo it'd be easy)

    yeah i don't play brawl.. and I'm actually a peach sheik main :p My peach is good now, you should be able to see vids of it from TIMS3 =]
    i'm not too familiar with MO, since I just go to college here (I'm from california and I used to be able to play with people like Zhu/Silentspectre/Pink Shinobi quite often.
    yeah i was the one with a white controller.

    you guys should go to TIMS3 in springfield, most of St Louis is headed there on 10/17. It'd be cool to play you guys there, and the quickest way to improve is to play in tournament, especially since the tourney will have pools this time.
    Hello, hello! I am King Siegfried, you can call me Sieg for short. I play Peach and Falco as mains. I play a mean Fox, Marth, Sheik, Falcon, Samus, and Doc as well.
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