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    Peach (mostly) specific technique : Landing with (A)SDI upon being hit airborne

    Excellent write-up, probably a bit too technical for almost everyone except scmoob, magus, achilles, IE I'll probably have to give it a second read through later to parse all your work
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    New to Sheik, question on which options I have for if the enemy is able to grab the ledge?

    Depends on the character you're facing. If they have a good ledgedash (fox), then you should stay center and threaten with spaced tilts and aerials. If they dont have a ledgedash (most marths) just stay outside their ledgehop aerial range. If they have a ledgedash that isn't very invincible...
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    Microinteractions #1: Instant Fair OOS & Double Poof Mixup

    Microinteraction #1: Sheik's fair will hit the most in front on frame 6, compared to nair's first active frame on 3. The observation you made about nair trading but fair winning has to do with sheik's nair having negative disjoint.
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    Silly, Useless Sheik Tech that you all gotta learn how to do for giggles

    Here's why this happens: When you hit someone with a combo count > 5, your character starts getting pushed back 0.025 meleemeters/frame. This is why you need all 6 needles to set this up. So this would...
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    Melee Looking for Missouri Smashers

    alright try adding me on facebook (look for darkatma on fb) and i'll add you into the group manually.
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    Melee Looking for Missouri Smashers

    I can confirm that you aren't blocked from the page.. Maybe try again and I can add you in
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    Melee Looking for Missouri Smashers

    That's strange, PM me your name and I can have that fixed
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    Melee Looking for Missouri Smashers

    Hi guys, welcome to the scene! People more seldom check Smashboards nowadays, but feel free to join our group at As for details for each event, they are generally posted a couple days before the tournaments for the Yeti Weeklies, and the Pinned post in...
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    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    Hmm I'm very interested in buying a controller as well. darkatma: A0 A3 Smash White or JPN White I realize you're busy and probably backordered, could you let me know when you would be available for my order? I can probably pay via whichever method is easiest for you (but I live in America...
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    Midwest [Jul 4, 2015] FC Smash 15XR: Return (Notre Dame, IN)

    Might make this my first FC :P
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    St.Louis Area Discussion Thread

    You say that now :P 6 years later someone will drop by your house via smashboards archives
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    St.Louis Area Discussion Thread

    There should be a handful of people east of the river. Check our facebook group as well, many of them don't use smashboards yet. Also check out the webster monthly this weekend!
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    St.Louis Area Discussion Thread

    Some smash advice for people from yesterday's smashfest: Bees?: There are a couple things you could be doing in the marth spacies matchup to keep up with them a little better. VS falco you want to learn how to wavedash out of shield and use platforms to get around the laser game. You didn't...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    Watch closely the angle that Taki chose in this situation. He chooses something slightly lower in an attempt to ride the wall for tech opportunities. Had the angle been anywhere between sheik's legs as she slid off, the firefox would have hit sheik and the edgeguard would have failed. The bair...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    Needles can always cover the sweetspot if you time it correctly. You could potentially run off fastfall early fair and it might reach (don't quote me on that). As long as you fair early enough you can still recover from the fastfall. Someone else mentioned turnaround grab ledge for...