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  • Ah, well it's relieving to know I'm kind of learning the matchup. I do not know how to escape them CGs though rofl. I've always wanted to get good with ICs since I played Trail at SMYM10 but I don't think to desynch and when I play Marth/Fox it's kind of just like....>_<!!!
    Yo, first off, good games at TIMS3. Secondly, who is your main rofl? I swear I played like 4 of your different characters, but it seems to me like you're an IC main? I need to definitely get some practice against those mugs more often rofl.
    Any news on whether or not you're making it up for the tournament :D iirc, you have a class or something that day, right?
    Do you go on Panda's Thumb a lot? Because I noticed that the link you posted from ScienceBlogs was referenced on PT when I read about Ida a few days ago.
    Sorry, I turned off "Display Signatures" and I have no idea when my signature gets posted.
    Avoid posting your signature in the Proving Grounds. I've had to call your attention twice already.

    Next time's a signature infraction. :)
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