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  • You must have thought I was insane lol. Oh well, I'll probably keep responding for now; I usually like to keep debating until the thread dies or turns to casual conversation.
    Yeah, I tried not to directly engage him, but just to redirect him. You're probably right though, I shouldn't even say anything. It's too bad; I used to look up to him when I was a PGer. :(
    That post that I made in the DH that got me kicked out was done while I was on really heavy medication, and I was just a terrible poster anyway.

    I'm actually glad that I got kicked out; it kept me from embarassing myself even more, and it forced me to try to improve.

    I just wanted to let you know.
    April Fools man. They are playing around with all the scripts, go to User Blogs and see what happens when you try to click one of chaco's blogs, go to Brawl Tactical and click on the Main Metaknight thread.
    Hi. I've been following the new global warming thread in the debate hall. I can't post there, but I was hoping you could relate some info on the whole climate gate thing for me. Please make the following points for me, if you don't mind:

    1) Only a handful of the 1,000 stolen emails are being used to discredit the scientists. I could make anyone look bad if I got a chance to show 10 emails out of 1,000 to people.
    2) At no point in the emails do the 2 scientists involved talk about working with anyone else or spreading so false message or even deliberately changing data. There is clearly no big conspiracy. It's just 2 somewhat arrogant scientists. If scientists were really trying to lie to everyone as one big evil plot, it would have come up at some point in 1,000 secret emails.
    3) You CAN'T change the entire view of the scientific community all at once with false data. There is so much peer review that had they actually published false info, it would have been discovered and thrown out.
    4) This whole thing is happening RIGHT before Copenhagen, which is basically the biggest climate change meeting in a decade. This is more than likely intentional.

    It was a warning, and it was sarcastic.. because it has no points.

    Figured you might appreciate the irony but I see it was lost.
    He was like "Kazoo, every time you post I get this mental image of you doing a kickflip off of a skateboard and saying 'RADICAL, DOOD!'." Lol, it was pretty dead on.
    Suffice it to say I have no idea how he got into the Debate Hall.

    Did you happen to catch Del's comment about him in the Center Stage thread lol?
    No, can you link me? I've read Letter to A Christian Country, but that's about it.
    Hell no, lol. I use Falco in Melee, Kirby in Brawl. But I almost never play Brawl.
    Meant to reply earlier - I'm glad I'm not the only one advocating 21st century ideals. :)
    Nah, you were right on. I'm tired of mindless Republican drones channeling Palin and other reciters of century-old dogma.
    Why would you do something for the reason of starting a quarrel? Like debating that much? :D It's just a very different approach, as I go out of my way not to offend people. I figure it's unwise to have an enemy when one can have a friend.
    I knew it was representative of a band, I didn't know it was their logo. Doesn't exactly make me feel any better, (I seriously doubt you have it as your avatar to tick off your parents, lol :D) but it's not a big deal. I just find it disrespectful, and decided I'd let you know in case you cared. Have a good one.
    "It's brawl who cares."

    QTF. Just play melee.

    Also, I find your avatar offensive, I officially request you change it. (If you don't want to, fine, I have no desire to start a debate)
    When I saw that he was using Answers in Genitals to back up his arguments, at first it made me laugh. Then it made me cry.

    But hey, I'm thankful that there's at least something to argue about. The DH has been so inactive lately....
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