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  • <3

    I play Brawl Yoshi, and I was pretty **** good with Melee Yoshi, but as of late, I've been neglecting Melee for Brawl.

    Come down to the Yoshi Boards, the threads are ****ing amazing. =)
    I've always been interested in Hinduism, but it's kind of hard to find a guide into the religion since Hinduism never seems to care about converting people, and most guides that I see are more meant for people that are already Hindu, instead of a western audience. Plus I've been kind of hesitant to get into the religion since I'm Western, and I know that some eastern religions think that Westerners should just stay to their own beliefs instead of going to theirs
    Ohh alright np, I think i saw you post it on a old thread somewhere can't remember.
    Hey, do you have MSN? I Often host Smashfests in Lincolnshire that usually bring in around 7-15 people, It's always nice to see new faces, anyway add me if your interested in attending one sometime

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