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  • Sorry. My woman's in town and I've been kinda busy with her.

    Here, look for Kevin Kourim on Facebook. It should be in Clearwater, Florida.
    Just thought I'd let you know if you go missing again who's gonna off set my bleeding heart liberalism? =[
    I'm serious man, you made a major impression and if you stuck around you were one of the most respected DH posters. But you vanished before the openings occurred for either.

    But there are always other opportunities, peacing out now will just make sure it'll never happen.
    Lol, yep, Shadowlink got into the BBR.

    I think it went something like, I managed to convince pretty much everyone that I had the most right position in the MK debate.

    Similar story with Shadowlink, say what you want about him, SL is smart as hell, and he impressed a lot of people.
    S'alright, and not really, missing your play to win podcasts though. Also, I got dat purple sh*t. So did SL.
    Your pm box is full, but I'll be there, also check my blogs for the thread, 've been bringing it up quite a bit actually.
    Consider me a harbringer of truth.

    In melee, I wasn't that great. I picked up Melee so I'd have a base for Brawl when it came out (worked WONDERFULLY).

    I won via my "zany counterpicks". Despite people saying they were "too random", I won nearly 100% of the time. That's unheard of, so I knew I was onto something.

    I then proceeded to get most of my counterpicks banned because I felt they were too strong; other players merely weren't playing them right.

    Kongo Falls in Melee? That was me that got it removed from the MW; it was legal in FC:D and I showed the Kishes and it was never used again.

    When something is broken, you fix it; personal bias and desire shouldn't get in the way. If MK gets banned I'll have more fun, but my cash intake will go WAAAAAAAAAY down. I get free money from doubles with my partner Kel... and he mains MK. I'll have no doubles partner since we have to reinvent our team AND I have no singles character. This is certainly not me looking for improvements.

    And I give puppies hugs.
    Yeah I have posted there occasionally. And that's pretty cool you live in Michigan, I plan on heading up there February 6th for Ankoku's final Lolis tournament. :3
    No I don't think you're a douche lol. I don't take anything that is said on these boards personally, especially on those MK topics.

    And yes I'm from the MW. Are you EC?
    I've been involved since way before you lol

    And why don't you start going to melee tournaments again. Anyway, will do, I got it in the bag anyway, I can be patient.
    Eh... not many. I'm only 15 lol so I can't drive and my parents care much more about my schoolwork than video game tournaments. I went to one last year.

    HOWEVER, I have participated in and hosted online tournaments. I also do some random matches on AiB occasionally.
    Nah, different people, ally is a NYC smasher that I know, though they do look a little similar for no apparent reason.
    LMAO, yea the first few times it was fine, but he started doing it after every single post and I was like WTF hahaha
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