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Jack Kieser
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  • I agree with you are saying, but keep in mind who we're dealing with.

    If Brawl is any indication, the Melee community doesn't give a **** about any game that is not Melee, and they won't be inclined to support Smash 4 even if it doesn't have the obvious problems that Brawl had. Maybe they won't outright bash it (and that's a large maybe), but I wouldn't expect any support because they'll see the game as inferior.
    Jack Kieser
    Jack Kieser
    The problem I have is with the administrators of the boards, who at least in theory are platform-agnostic, going out of their way to broker sponsorship deals with large organizations to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, then applying that money in an imbalanced way that artificially props up one game over another.
    Jack Kieser
    Jack Kieser
    Yes, I get that Smash 4 is new, but that's exactly WHY, if we're going to have cash prizes for it right now (and as much as I wouldn't like that, it looks like that's what will happen), it's imperative that we support it with pot infusions and bonuses in the early game, to draw as many players as we can.
    Jack Kieser
    Jack Kieser
    The admins getting 14k from Twitch and giving it all (from the sounds of it) to Melee is atrocious, biased, unfair, and a betrayal of our trust of them, as unbiased stewards of ALL Smash games.
    Jack Kieser
    Jack Kieser
    I'd be interested in getting an event going (I've been looking for a n opportunity to get back into TO'ing, now that I've graduated from UW), but due to prior commitments, the earliest I'd be able to do anything is October, maybe November. T_T
    Hey, do you have any links to posts of yours about players being biased against the game?

    I'm making a thread, and I'd really like to reread/use some of those posts.
    We're tied, but i don't want you winning the money. So I'm going to time you out now~ have fun not advancing!~

    Your logic is 100% valid. People being *******s kills it. However, timing someone out for 13 minutes (8 then 5) would propose to be really, really ****ing hard.
    BPC: ...****
    Me: what? :x
    BPC: I don't know how to refute it...
    and it gets rid of several of my favorite stages

    AIM convo.... :x I'm seeing this more and more of a success....
    Awesome we can come to an agreement on rulesets than.

    As far as the official ruleset goes (we're assuming the stages under my new criteria) - LM can be proven degenerate with circle camping (at least I think so.. of course.. if not it can follow the next statement)

    Pipes can be soft banned. (like 90% of the community hates this stage.. its where my stage list seems to "fail" at the most)

    I also believe in your last statement though. If you hate pipes, ban it. but when 90% of the community is banning it? I think a soft ban would be AWESOME to solve that issue with.

    You're helping me improve the criteria~ yay for the search for truth!

    I have a question for you, kind of off all the records for every current topic...

    How do you feel about soft bans? If it can be applied to a character why not a stage? Rather revolutionary idea IMO and it's worth giving some thought. Because remember, a hard ban is an objective choice. A soft ban is a community wish. ;)
    I responded already, because I've been thinking far in advance and expected a response that you gave. :x

    Also yes... I think you're smart enough to know that we're both trying to remain as UNBIASED as possible - but rather search for a better truth.

    *crosses fingers and prays to god I don't have to debate against you*

    Because if I do.


    AIM plz if we do? =[
    That actually makes a lot of sense, and you view arguments the way I do.

    Sometimes I'll even argue the wrong side of the coin (Devil's advocate usually) to try and get other peoples' inputs on the flaw of the argument.
    I'm not questioning his intentions, but the way he's going around building a standard. =\

    That sounds like an interesting major choice, what was your decision for choosing it? I just like to debate but sometimes get caught up in the debate part I fail to see very open failures of logic. That and my examples never seem to be as good as I want them to be. =[
    Everytime you counter Omni's point.
    I'm glad I have you on my side and not his.
    I love you

    It's objective data like this that needs to be collected for ALL major tournaments... not just MLG... because that data shows a lot.... Diddy may not even be a good character... its just ADHD/Gnes are just that good... <_< haha

    Woah, nevermind. Just read your blog, lol. Excuse my ignorance.

    To say we don't have a good Brawl scene here wouldn't exactly be accurate, but I will say that it's not great, lol.

    WA does have one of the best TOs in the country, GameClucks Guy, who heads the TourneyPlay tournament series. He pretty much approaches tournaments and events from as much of a business-oriented position as he can, so he's been doing really promising things in terms of getting sponsors and trying to legitimize competitive Smash more. If you're an established TO, he's definitely the guy you want to talk to if you want to get more events going on in WA. I think that if we can get a regular tournament series going on in the University District and/or Downtown Seattle, we can get A LOT of new players into the scene.

    Our monthly happens @ GameClucks LAN center in Lynnwood, and that's mostly what our PR is based off of. But yeah, our PR has been combined with Oregon's, and honestly, they're a lot of the reason why we're still alive ... so yeah, our scene is struggling.

    Our numbers are pretty small, but the dedicated players are getting better. Felix, one of the best Diddy Kong mains in the country who placed third @ MLG Raleigh, is from Shoreline. =p

    Anyway, hook up with us! We'd be glad to have you. =]
    You're from WA? I live in Seattle as well. Have you gone to any in-person tournaments here?
    Lol yeah, I should give you credit for apologizing. I dunno, I kinda treat rookies like Hermione treats house elves in Harry Potter.
    I know, just noticed it for some reason, randomly got my attention directed to the thread so I set the record straight. The only thing is I play melee more then brawl, but I'm positive you're thinking of RDK then cause he doesn't play.
    I'm flattered that you think I'm smarter then all of you guys combined, lol

    But, what made you think I don't play Brawl?
    hey man

    i gave some false info in the MLG thread the other day about pictochat. i just finished running some tests and the results are.... disappointing =( i'll probably put a thread up eventually, but for now, just know that it's not a 13.33 second cycle or anything simple like that.
    Hello Jack:

    This is FOG, from Brazillian Smash Community. I loved your thread about Item standard play, i like to play w/ items ant w/ Final Smashes. Can I use some informations from your thread to make a similar topic in Brazilian forums?

    I'll wait for your reply, see you later.
    I'm already talking to tocador for us to translate your thread to Portuguese. Than, we(at least I)'ll have more time to post on the official thread.
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