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    I know, right? She's adowable
    Did You Buy Conduit 2 yet? Trying to get a decent group together to play in private matches.
    Hey Darkslash, I was thinking of temporary sticking/pinning your "E3 2010" thread because E3 is coming up soon and I'm sure other members will post similar threads like that one. What do you think?
    Hey, just wanted to say, you might want to add a section for Gamertag's and PSN Account names in the BF thread. That might help us a bit ;)
    Oh, and a squad page :p

    Bawww If I had known I might've bought it for that instead :[ Oh well.
    I am fluent in over six million forms of communication!

    I was hellishly surprised at the promotion. Didn't expect it at all.
    What do you have Bad Company 2 for? I'd like to play with you! :)
    Sorry. Didn't realize there was a thing against sending people there or something. I figured it was just the same as informing someone of any other thread relevant to their post.
    "From what I saw from the user blogs, this set is completely unchanged." Because it was already complete.

    "It's single color of white doesn't hurt the eye's" Doesn't hurt the eyes? Is that a problem?

    "and looks very lazily put together." Lazily put together? It's completely organized and extremely detailed.
    Oh, I thought I gave it away with the "Hey look, the pink matches Dom's eye!" comment. Guess not.
    I'm particularly fond of Turn A Gundam. I've never seen the series, but the designs absolutely captivate me. It certainly feels the most Japanese of all of the Gundam series.

    But yeah, if you look at most of the protagonist Gundams from each series, they follow that white, red, blue, yellow formula for design, and each fully embody the theme and feel of their respective series.
    It had been a long time since I saw it. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Also, I'm sure you have, but ever notice how Gundam Wing is basically an equal reinvisioning of the first Gundam series?

    Protagonists are younger, brown round-haired males who pilot Gundams that are primarily painted white, red, and blue, with some gold details here and there.

    Zechs is a spitting image of Char, no doubt about that. Both are blonde and masked similarly and wear upper-class red clothing, white pants, the whole shebang. Also, both are older than Amuro and Heero.

    Amuro Ray and Heero Yuy have the same amount of letters in each name.

    And countless other similarities between the two series. Thank God they don't take place in the same timeline, or universe for that matter (here I go with the timeline stuff..)
    Explain please. I'd like to know.

    Also, I didn't know Hydra originated from the AC era. Was it during or after the Gundam Wing series? Because from what I read, it was OZ manufactured. It's a shame that they didn't make a movie about Hydra.
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