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  • Aspiring smash 4 Lucas main any tips?
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    3. Realize to win at top level with Lucas will be a lot of hard work. So know that it will take a lot of heart and patience to win. I believe Lucas is mid tier in this game.

    I know that isn't much but I hope it helps. We are in this journey together bro!
    Thanks for everything, also I live in North Carolina as well so hopefully we can meet in person one day :)
    Forsure bro!

    I went to my country's national and placed 5th (Jamwa got 7th too!) with a possible chance of getting higher (we had to leave early for our plane flight :( ) and fluked a win against Vic's best player in pools. It was an awesome tournament and I think I can go further as time goes onwards. :D
    Hey Mekos, had fun doing doubles with you at apex. Want to team for Sktar3? : ) I 2nd Zss and main mk in doubles.
    the arena is fun,and a lot...A LOT of pros come there time to time...it's weird...
    Hey man. :)

    Can you please tell me the name of the song at the beginning of this video?
    Nice moves with Lucas btw. ;)

    Bro I tried reaching you through skype but it seems hard to reach you there. Can you just give me a call this week? Or give me your # so we can talk? My # is 937-694-3558
    As to quote a friend of mine's new Usertitle "Life's a *****". Whatcha gonna do?

    Just gotta keep looking at the positives of things and hope for the best. That's all one can really do because dwelling on the negative is terrible. Look at the future! The world can soon be a great place!
    Such is the way of the internet man. Oh well. You come off as positive when I see it, but some people just aren't used to someone being positive when talking about things.
    No problem at all man. I find it funny when people think you are being mean/silly in the Tier list thread or other places because you really aren't.

    But yeah, love seeing other people being optimistic/helping others.
    Just wanted to leave this VM to let ya know that you are really a positive person on these boards and it's an insanely great thing to see.
    Would you like some PK Fire with a side of PK Thunder for doing so well in the tourny?

    I wish I could go to tournies like you, even if I'd place a lot lower I could still probably show that Lucas can beat higher characters if you put enough time, effort, and practice into him.
    Hey, Mekos, could I possibly get your skype because there are some things about Lucas with you and also with regards to doubles because I have a lot I wish to talk to you about that.

    Also hey! How've you been man?
    By the way mekos I added your friend code a while ago but you never added mine... Just thinking for possible future games. ^^

    Although inter-country wi-fi connections are horrific.

    Go check out the BBR v7 thread, it's about Shiek v Lucas ~ talking about your mad skill with Lucas.
    hey bro, what is your Skype? I wanted to talk about reading opponents. I think I pretty much have down all the important tech skill for Pit now.
    In partial response to Ryuka here, it's not surprising that you've become a huge inspiration to like, every Lucas main out there. It's a big thing when you're able to say 'I came better than any mid or borderline tier character in a national.' when you're discussing a LT character. You've inspired so much happiness in the Lucas boards and I have a feeling they're not gonna die down for a long time now, especially since you boosted the number of Lucas mains. Suddenly people are switching to Lucas.

    It's amazing, the effect winning a couple matches has on people. It's so positive, I love it and you've done such a great service. :)
    Mekos, I must say. I have grown so much more respect for you, you have raised so high with Lucas proving that lucas is a character to fear.

    I feel that as lucas mains we have achieved something in common this year, I wish to share my story.....

    I train miniature horses, I have a little filly called Foxy, now foxy is a dapple grey, she is a beautiful horse with a beautiful personality. Like lucas they told me that foxy and I could never win a show that she was ugly, she had a bad attitude and she terrible shape (Its like saying lucas is bad because he is low tier) like you, I kept at it, I trained her, I fed her, I kept her clean and I always treated her like she was the perfect horse. After many months of this we went to our 1st show whichh was pretty big, we had 11 other fillies who had been in a class and won before, I went in there to show what we can do (like you go to show what lucas can do). We did our best and we came 1st in our class and we got accepted into the champion miniature horse class, we surprised so many people and we felt that people can't stop us from doing what we aim to do. Foxy and I have recently entered another show and we gt the same results :)

    Mekos, you are amazing.

    Also I'm so glad you and trela faced off, the best of my mains playing was awesome!
    No prob man. You don't know how proud I am to be Lucas right now. You've done a great thing and shown the world that perhaps the meta game isn't quite as stable as everyone thinks. ;D
    Nice job beating tyrant and Gluttony man! I saw your second match vs. tyrant on live stream and darn, that first game was so close! Next time, i'm sure you'll make it to top 8! :D

    And anyway, getting Lucas to 9th in a national is a huge uproar in itself. You've done really well, man!
    There's been a ton of rumors and all, but that's anime for ya.
    They might come out in the future or not.

    I still believe it will come out. The new arc wouldn't be left just as a manga and everyone knows it.
    Idk either, lol. Maybe they just wanted a new name for the anime rather than just reborn?

    I guess, lol.
    They're making a new reborn anime that follows the current arc in the manga.

    You know, that ceremony thing going on.
    Question... I wanted 2 kno if u could give me as much advice on teams as possible.

    Hey Mekos! I have a question for ya? I'd like to ask if you could look over some recent doubles vids of mine. Me and my partner Trump would really like to improve even more and I figure asking you would be helpful. Let me know if you can and I'll get all the links.
    Hey man how are you doing?

    I thought you might like to know I have started B sticking and I can stand a chance against a chance against me offline smash partners wario, soo its on to beating him ;)

    Any good placings in tourneys for you lately?
    Alrighty. Cheers for that man. Also, I hear you posted some fundamental vids on doubles battling. Any chance you could link me to those as well?
    Ahh, got something to ask you. With double lucas versus two others... If both on the other team are knocked off the stage, is it better to edge guard or heal? My brother and I have been experimenting with it a bit but we're not sure.
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