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Recent content by ADHD

  1. ADHD

    LOL yeah. What char was I again? I play it so much

    LOL yeah. What char was I again? I play it so much
  2. ADHD

    My opinion on what happened with customs

    I want to say first and foremost that I am not completely anti-customs. I am more so in the favor of banning them, but mostly only 60-40. What happened that day at KTAR when I decided to go custom villager was that I was destroying people in teams with the character and my diddy was rusty and I...
  3. ADHD

    Official The Picto Box - Toon Link Video & Critique Thread

    Dude that's so unfair.. I only play for glory when I'm outrageously high or drunk.
  4. ADHD


    :love: :lol: :oneeye: :pimp: :rolleyes: :grin: :cyclops: :cry: :crazy: :coolmonke:
  5. ADHD

    Something Most People Don't Know About You...(Read the OP before posting, please)

    Taller, nice butt, black hair, sexual friendly face. Idk. Just be sexual.
  6. ADHD

    NJ/NY Rankings: New Rankings 9/25/12!!!

    Is anyone up North going to COT6? I need a ride.
  7. ADHD

    The real reason Japan is better than America

    They weren't better than us previously, it's just that their technical and incredibly precise playstyles are what's in right now for the metagame.
  8. ADHD

    The Official APEX 2012 Results Thread! ALL RESULTS UP. International takes it all!

    Did anyone else lol when they called Shugo vs. Atomsk on TV #69?
  9. ADHD


    Is anyone interested in free housing? Preferably people I know or trust. http://allisbrawl.com/blogpost.aspx?id=131089
  10. ADHD

    NJ/NY Rankings: New Rankings 9/25/12!!!

    Sup. 10SUP!
  11. ADHD

    YOU TOO. 10santas.

    YOU TOO. 10santas.
  12. ADHD

    I am consistently getting error code 86420

    Port forwarding.. all ports are open. I was told that the university firewall manually blocks things and has a list of recognized things to shut out. It probably isn't that.. I'm really puzzled right now. Could netgear be just incompatible? I don't want to buy another router to realize that I...
  13. ADHD

    I am consistently getting error code 86420

    I am using a Netgear router. Recently, I moved into college and have tried to hook my wifi up unsuccessfully. I can connect to wifi itself, but when I try to host or join someone's match, I am disconnect from the system. I suspect it to be my router's firewall after reading the problems over...
  14. ADHD

    KOTC Trifecta Part 2 10/8

    Why do I feel that sonic vs. ice climbers is the most horrific thing to watch ever?
  15. ADHD

    What does it take to be banned?

    I can't beat nairo on delfino.. I think it's happened like only once out of eight times. The sharking is just too powerful and time consuming to maintain anything consistent throughout the match. Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar are definitely even worse. Every other stage is generally tolerable.
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