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  • they didnt ban me man, i just wanted to do the pc jona thing lol, well now i had to choose between accounts so yea jonadiaper is banned now
    Uni of Guelph isn't too far from me. If its in Toronto it shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 hours away by transit for me. If it is actually in the city of Guelph, Ontario and NOT in Toronto, then its about a 2-3 hour drive I believe.
    indeed and well naruto have many things from the fox of nine tails that really are a cheat is all of that not like the another ninjas their raised that they have but naruto for have sealed the fox of nine tails is unfair
    is good that and well i will like it to see the continue of the shinobi third exam but unfortunatey from i live maybe will be but in a 5 or 9 mouths and well i like hinata personality
    thanks is because voomm are a very good friend and is a very good motive the social club for that is so nice and you are a very good friend of voomm but well i see that you also are nice lol
    oh thats pretty tight. i go to university of washington and canada isnt to far away. like 2 hrs to get to the border so its not to bad. just smashed their saturday night
    oh okay cool, i cant wait too see the vids when you put them up=D, you still is play with fox marth?
    yeah they are the hardest easily
    1. hardest SHFFL
    2. nana can't di
    3. everyone spams what destroys them like samus's side B or marth's f-throw
    4. if they are below you you are good as dead if they can land a up air
    5. the only fast de-scyne (spot dodge) gives you
    6 frames to do what you want and it's hard to do that in the middle of battle
    7. people who whine about chain throwing and chain throw with fox with fox the different is fox's is easy

    and next person that says the ice climbers are cheap call them stupid and point out it takes a lot of skill to be decent and the same can't be said for some charters

    just in case you ever think they are over powered
    dude if you want insane shffling try the ice climbers and then pichu's will look to easy and you can't stop SHing with falco or bowser
    oh it wasnt that bad really, i didnt mind, i just spent my day sleeping and later on talking to the girl....she told me if i would have gona she would have whooped me lolol
    yea i wanted to go..and i was going to, but then my parents left me and they took the 2 cars so i had no ride...it was terrible...but yea genisis should be pretty amazing
    Humor is definitely what helps me get through the tough times in life.
    It all gon b k. I like to surf the forums and jostle around with people.
    yea bro i think i was watching from like 9 till the grand finals, sorry i didnt respond to the other message you sent before, i didnt even see it
    Dude do you need some eye drops or something? Those are practicaly bleeding.
    Im gonna use that now alot because im special like that ive got to go now bye~
    Thank you i will be here all week~
    and sorry for being a n00b but what does ROFL stand for?
    ~Cool whos your fav you probably know mine but first is hinata then itachi~
    No thats cool i befriend everyone so hi im voomm its like a nuke from cat in the hat
    *waves hand for you to go*
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