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  • ....voomm you...never come back again ....sigh....sigh i don't want to see you again .......because you don't....you don't YOU DON'T SAY ME GOOD BYE ...sigh ...sigh ...sigh..i don't want to see you....sigh...you creep...sigh sigh sigh sigh

    You can't. Just don't log into it. Why do you feel you have to call me names because you want to get rid of it? I thought we were on good terms, though we don't talk much. Trying to get yourself banned isn't a wise method.

    I normally wouldn't take my time to help someone that calls me a ***** and tells me to stfu, but I am just astonished right now.
    I don't think it is fair for me that you feel that you must insult me. It is your decision on what you want to do.
    Yay, voomm feels better. I will be able to brawl soon, but I just got back from school. I'll finish up my homework then go on Brawl :)
    o is a very good news lol well maybe we not see you in awhile but animo ok having a boyfriend is something that is not daily so went you can say us hello ok now you grow ...sniff ...but remember this grow up doesn't mean that you have to leave what you like you can do all of that and grow up too ok voomm im very happy to heard it

    hi voomm well maybe in a few hours i can do what i promise ok so be ready i will do it with all that i can ok so do the same ok
    o my please forgive me my brother and sister was use the compu and the laptop but i will be more ealier tomorrow for do it ok sorry for that and i will do it with all that i can ok so animo ok
    o i know what i can do please heard this with the heard ok
    " went day can turn's to night went the wind is turning tigh went eveything is alright sleep in a soft in that place went secret paths run free "well is omre extence but i need to heart it more so come on leave that ok you can return went you like to do it so......................farewell be happy i will stay here like all ok
    Hi voomm! Don't delete your account! We all love you, but some people are busy not being on SWF, like what livan said. I was at an amusement park today with some of my cousins. Don't feel lonely!
    o ....voomm don't do it ok like i was feeling bad i know now that afect my friends too so i will try to that don't happen so you do the same with here ok listen this days will be a lil busy the friends for the break many go to the beach and some fun places but that doesn't mean that they forgot you ok so animo i feel very alone went i was summit in my darkness but now im happy to talk with you so if is necesary to talk every bit of the day with you i will do it for you don't go ok we are friends so i won't let you do it ok i will talk with Mashour2 too and another of our friends for all be like we was talking about our likes and joking like that days ok animo animo animo animo animo animo
    hi voomm sorry for worring you im fine now ok and well if you don't want to disband the club is good for me ok i was feelinga lil sad and because of that i ask it but now im feel better and forgive me for worring you ok o i forgot how are you ?
    Haha. Funny. I saw that Voom user join the other day and said they mained Falco. I thought it was you remaking an account.

    As for the Kissie booth, READ THE RULES :mad:
    o well in the starts sounds very good but in the very important battles is not having a good end to that can really be
    Sorry I haven't replied to you in a while. Good games though, lol, and thanks for the compliment! I just installed the Internet Channel for free and its cool to use on my huge tv.
    hi voomm well i like it but i would like to see it the next season but maybe can be later i wish for that
    Thanks! Btw, my friend wanted to play Brawl so I let him. He was Rae. Hes pretty much a novice at brawl.

    Go here if you want to know how to install the homebrew channel, but if you have wii menu 4.0 it won't work.

    You also need an SD and SD card reader, or there is no way to install it. After you install it, download Ocarina by searching on google for it. Actually, get back to me after you install the homebrew channel, then I'll give you ocarina codes, which are like action replay codes.
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