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  • Hey McFox, I'm entering a tournament being held in Dallas, Texas. I was wondering if you could add me on the wii u so you could help me practice and train for the tournament.
    thanks for taking your time to read this
    :3 im excited to see you write again because i want to read more calvin and write more calvin
    You did a wonderful job. I think you captured him perfectly. Besides the analytical, study-man Doc, you also included that he is completely willing and able to encourage Calvin's imagination, and you mentioned Molly too. :3

    Over the time we spend together, if you wrote Doc just like you did it would be perfectly fine.

    We can talk later about what we plan on doing to get out of the room.
    I had a question about Calvin actually, speaking of P&S2. I'd ask you on AIM if you ever used it :mad:

    But yeah, your CIS said both that people who believe in Calvin will be subject to the power of his imagination, and then it also says that he only needs one other person to believe in him to exert his imagination over the world. I'm confused about the mechanics of this, as it seems to say two things at once.

    Also where can I read some of the comics for free.
    A buddy of mine and I are considering backpacking through europe. Less planned than what I did when I last went to europe, more kinda offhand roughing it. Any tips?

    (Of course if you didn't hate me and IMed me on occasion we could talk about it easier T_T)
    The first time, we went in for a checkup and the doctor was like "Uhm, yeah it was broken. It healed itself now tho."

    The second time I was at school and I was bending my thumb way back (further back than I ever could before breaking it.) I rushed home and I was like "Look at what I can do, Ma!" ... THEN she took me.
    I've broke my arm twice now. Once skating and once biking. However, both times I did, we ended up not going to the emergency room cause we didn't realize it was broken, haha. ^_^;
    Omg, I'm so jealous of you! Haha. I have family in Australia and considered studying abroad and never did.

    I have been camping. Last time we went, my brother slept-walked through the dying embers of the campfire... so we woke up and had to go to the hospital. I've actually really been wanting to go camping lately too. I take it you're a fan?

    Actually, technically, last time we went camping was when we went to Myrtle Beach when I was 17. Got horrible sun-poisoning, but it was fun!
    Wooooooow. That's a pretty good one! LOL.

    Let's see. When I was younger, it was always Japan, Japan, Japan. Now that I'm a little bit older, I'd like to go to maybe Europe. Really, I'd just like to go anywhere and everywhere I could... I've been sort of sheltered in that area. I really wanted to plan a trip when I graduated... I thought that would be a good "prize" for getting through college.

    How about you? Also, what was your favorite place you've ever been, outside and inside the U.S.A?
    Bahh... Uhm... I've never told ANYONE my MOST embarrassing moment.

    Let's see... trying to think. But I don't get very embarrassed, really.. like, I do stupid stuff and feel moronic or dickish but hardly ever embarrassed... Hm..

    One time I farted in my sleep while I was housing at a friend's house for a tournament. That's the most recent example. Even then, I was sort of "Whoops. Teehee. :bee:"

    Actually I get sort of embarrassed cus sometimes I snort when I laugh. And I'm like "ah, well ****" if it's in front of someone I like.

    Your turn. ^_^
    So the weirdness is also that you have a sibling my age, and I have a sibling your age.
    Hahaha. WOW. Guess the Twilight Zone is coming back.

    Uhm, I have two brothers and a sister. My older brothers are 23 and 28, and then my sister is 30.
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