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  • Ahh. That IS true. How old is your brother anyway? Do you have any other siblings?

    Let's see. I am in school. I'm studying English with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies. I work at a place called Mathskellar, which is a computer lab students can get tutoring for math. And I like it, cause it's an easy peasy job. (Get to play on the computer and the like.)
    I'm trying to go to Airship too! I hope I can go haha...

    However, I think it's truthfully your turn to ask me a question.
    Haha, not compared to you at all! I went to Vegas for my 21st... I've been to Maine... I've been to Myrtle Beach...

    That's about it, other than random tournament hopping.
    Have you traveled any where else?

    And feel free to like... stop answering. I'll ask questions forever and forever, hahha. ^_^;
    Sounds so yummy and exciting! Where are you working at?

    I'm half Chinese, and hopefully next year I'll be going to Malaysia to spend Chinese New Year there. That'll be a lot of fun.
    You know, I've never seen the Muppets. Like. Ever. Sorry if I shame you, love!

    But... Chinatown? Where do you live, anyway?
    So why the unhealthy love for Muppets?

    Also, I have The Blue Brothers. I'm ready to roll! :bee:
    Up! is SO good. Did you cry?! I've seen the movie three times and cried every time, haha.

    Ravenous is a horror/drama film. It's about an officer who is relocated after his unit is slaughtered during the war while he survives. I don't wanna give TOO much away, but it's REALLY good... if you can handle a little gore... it's sorta gory! ^_^;
    Hmmm! That sounds interesting! Have you seen Up!/Ravenous? We should do a movie exchange! I'll watch The Blue Brothers and you can watch one of those!
    Well, the only thing that really sounded familiar was that my parents got married less than a year they met. My dad is a nurse and my parents met at a hospital when my mom was visiting my grandma.

    So I guess we're officially out of the twilight zone!
    Color: Rainbow (but I had a feeling yours was going to be blue. NO JOKE!) If you deny rainbow as a color, even tho it is, then silver.
    Movie: Ravenous and Up!
    Animal: Cat/Dog

    Never heard of someone liking the Rex. Any reason why? That's pretty interesting.
    Omg, I love yorkies!! So he's 7 years old, huh? That's adorable.

    I guess it's time for the most ultimate test and you tell me your favorite color, movie, and animal.
    hahaha! It's just funny cus I have a cat that has your birthday, and you have a dog with my birthday! Star crossed zombie lovers, I guess.

    What kind of doggy is it?
    Hey, don't mean to bother, but. I just figured I'd ask.

    How would the staff feel about a new forum skin for SWF? A few of us in the Artwork Emporium were throwing around some ideas, and we thought it'd be nice if some of the more design oriented members could design a new skin. We were thinking of making sort of a group project out of it.

    Just wanted to see what you thought about it/if you guys would approve, whenever you have the time.
    I'm not in the mood for a large game. Can we wait until the next Small one? :3
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