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  • yea i saw a pic wit u an esam u were givin that wierd *** a heart attack xD.

    U got facebook?

    an yo im gettin back into the game soon enough to see your MLG PRO STATUS BUILD BRO my gawd im so excited for you! Trust me there goin to jump on that Lounis wagon if u keep on doing good! Youll be a source of reason why "MK shouldnt be banned an brawl skill overcomes match ups" bs but whatever son...because of that your goin to get phat money...Stacks IN YO JEANS!!!!!!!!!!



    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOO HAH HEE HOH HoooOO!!!!! YEA BABY
    Haha I don't know I guess I was on a roll or something, I didn't play any fl big names other then esam but he got me legit.

    I've been training a lot, and its helped me relax more in matches and just have fun overall, so I'm never nervous anymore.
    Lol i mean I dunno what I did that stands out to me, got a lot of quick kills with luigis kill power that helped.
    You betta be at columbus
    Its a great phrase I learned from the ghetto. Such a fun, diverse an creative twist on english they have. Advanced an rich as hispanic an slav languages.
    melee tomahawks are ****ing gdlk

    i just invested it with luigi like wow

    *****s keep getting mindgame'd ****ING LOVE MELEE <3
    Lmfaoo my d00, u'll get the title =D and stick to them boxing analogies son, they top tier because i'm sticking to that ****. idk if u been keeping up with the hyped up boxing but im all asian and all and my ***** Manny Pacquiao (hes on my avi right now) that's my *****, lethal fastass strong punches, secret fast left uppercut left Cotto down my nigg@ dayums

    been relating my luigi to Manny pacman tho boxing, ****s been real too lolll

    im about to start talking to Redhalberd on aim for info and advice hes mad smart lol
    my dood! i heard you met my boy Veggi (DK, Mario, Peach friend of mine) in smashfest and named me 4th best Luigi while behind u and lou and boss ahah XDDD

    he even told me how random ur upbs. it's done deal my dude. You HAVE to make a tutorial how to land upbs lmao, i gotta start landing my **** too lol. Although l think Luigiking should be in my spot or at least behind me ;D he some sexy luigi **** too lol
    for realz thanks for yo advice son xD

    for shizzles i dont think i played with my head in that set against him i know i can beat him tho idk how to fight peach loll, i get maaaaaad inpatient (typical for most luigi mains amrite? XD) for just about everything

    but when im calm u'll see me beasting perfect shielding every mother****er in my way OGBAEOIGBEAOBG **** i think.
    lols which vids u saw? do u even go on aim ? XD

    YEAH WORD MAN OMFG. im so sad man. i HARDLY land upbs i just have bad second thoughts in landing it go on aim more man i miss ur godly quotes and analogies to boxing loool ive been getting up there lately tho, check out my tourney vids ^_^
    It may be better if you find a teamate that isn't me because I forgot I promised a quite a few people first I would team with them if gmoney didn't come.

    =( I guess the world will have to wait for double Luigi
    yea, should be tight, but only if gmoney doesnt make it cuz we planned to team for this.

    Otherwise it will be me and you, I would look for a partner though since gmoney hasnt told me that he wasnt coming
    Polmex!! Couple questions, you have a phone yet? Call me if you do! PMed my number. Are you going to gigs on the 17th, let me know how if so??? Are you doing the PnT tourney on the 10/11th? Not sure which day but free entry if you are a fan of them on Facebook. Search Play N Trade Tampa. We should team since Lade might be with another MK. Hit me up ASAP!
    I can still team and all, but, where are you staying after gigs? Imma need housing somewhere lol
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