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  • GOD I'd love too. She er... calmed down last night so maybe I can convince her into letting me and my dad go xD
    I know, and that's what I told her. But if we go over then good ol' psychopathic PolMex23 will just lock us in and slowly kill us. It doesn't even matter, because I told her I wouldn't bring it up again to avoid being lectured for an hour about internet safety so I wuoldn't get your hopes up. Ever. I know. Bull****. And if I told you my address not only would you come and kill ME but everyone else on my block before blowing up some random's person house.
    Nothing, cause it doesn't matter. My mom is too much of a paranoid ***** to realize that everyone isn't out there to **** me.
    Yeah what you said doesn't matter. My mom said shes never gonna let me do this such a **********************************. Make of that what you will.
    Nevermind. My Moms an *******. Apparently you're a psychopath who has 10 mercenaries waiting at your house to kill me when I get there and you'll never let me leave and I'll be tortured then killed with my remains burned and dumped into a river while I'll never seen again. There's a large chance that you're an okay guy and completely legit. But of course you're gonna be a psychopath. :rocket:
    Don't see anything wrong with that
    My parents don't really care that you'll give me knowledge xD They're more opposed to it, probably
    And do you live alone?
    Ummm IDK
    I'm down, might be going on my cousins boat
    Though I'd love to, MY Wii's gettin fixed

    edit: wait
    My mom is working tomorrow and I have a 2 year old sister who my dad needs to take care of.
    Their not 100% about the idea and they wanna know how old you are xD
    what scidadle said

    im seriously worried about you WE WUV U POLMEX no homo

    no wait
    EXTRA HOMO!! ;)
    Call me some time this week, I wanna see if we can get together because I gotta send my Wii in and need someone to play. I'll PM you my number

    EDIT: Clear your inbox, 289-4109
    Ok, well I gotta rely on a ride to get there (dont worry tho, Im going 100%), and it starts at 12, If I cant get there at 10, just tell someone at the tv to have it clear for us when I get there. That way we can get at least a hour in or so.

    Also, in teams, if the stage picked is really gay, like luigis mansion or norfair or something, I might use another char. But norfair is good for luigi right? so w/e xD
    Oh good, keep up the practice, Ill do the same. What time will you be there btw?
    Ill try and think of one, Im bad at that but yeah xD

    Im excited too, been waiting since like..cot4 to team with you

    Im giving this my all, we got this
    Alright, thanks. i was hoping that would be true, but I had listened to some commentaries on some matches, and well, =/
    Alright, Kopee. xD And I just read the entire 257 ROB Q&A thread over the course of last week, so I bursting with knowledge xD Although ROB only has like 3 ATs, LOL
    The only one I can't really is do is gyro-cancel-wavebounce(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZejjfEsS58, really only mindgamez), but its not really necessary.
    And I just asked my mom, she said its ok as long as my dad okays but im 99% he will :P Just tell everyone to try and keep the profanity down, ok? Don't want my parents getting the wrong intentions XD
    Wont be there, stuff goin down in the life of Halzy.

    Though I could go for a spanking...no homo.
    Alright, I was kind of expecting that, I don't really think I'm that good now. I know WHAT to do, I just don't play enough people to put it into practice, you know what I mean? And cool, I'll ask my parents and see if were doing something then. I don't see why not o.o Especially if I don't tell them that's your house and its more a "venue" ;) So don't be surprised if I play dumb, 13 year olds can do that well XD

    My name is Nick btw, what's yours? I don't wanna call you and be like "Hey Polmex23! xD"
    hey Polmex. Not promising anything, but do you think I might be able to head over to your place sunday if its ok with my parents? I'm sure they'd be more comfortable going to your place first rather then me giving out my address without them knowing who you are.
    I've been playing smash for a bit, what happend to your phone lol and we can play/see my girl this sat
    hey polmex i want to give you my adress again so you WONT FORGET AGAIN!!!

    10109 whisper pointe dr. tampa fl 33647

    call me before you leave please and just to let you know i will be bringing a setup
    hey mike you think by chance you can give me a ride to hungrys fest?
    im having so much fun practicing melee now and really want to practice some more and this would be a perfect opportunity
    actually i guess its theoretically possible for you to still love me

    but its inferior to my love is what im gettin at
    lets skip straight to the BIZZAM
    when i said i would quit brawl for melee
    i really didnt mean that in that context

    imma always going to be playing brawl and melee its more of a metaphor of how pissed ill be

    i should really start thinking before i type and press that button :ohwell:

    on top of that i was just pissed off from losing to a metaknight i know i should have beat
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