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  • Some of the GIFs of frame data are unseeable (it just doesn't show anything and has a X over a screen), it kinda sucks, is there a way to fix this?
    Hey Stratocaster, it's PewPewU-- the Marth player. I want to talk to you about some things. If you have a twitter please tweet at me @MIOM_PewPewU, or reply here. Thanks!
    hey strat, how did you get there to be no backgrounds for the hitbox gifs?
    I hear you have all of m2s frames for his atacks. If you get a chance Would it be possible to get those for you, and I could also gif them for the threads sake
    Hey man, two questions. 1. Do you have an estimated date for when the hitbox system will be available for download? 2. What are you expecting the turnout to be for TOAST tournament? i may try to get Memphis to come.
    That's to separate the .ssm files to DSP

    it's not like I can create .ssm files to begin with.
    Thanks though.

    I've extensively checked the internet, and there is seriously not even source code for this type of conversion and everyone else seems to know how to do it.
    I also don't know any programming languages :(
    it's no problem! From what it sounds like though, you'd probably have to go a little beyond hex editing.
    I've been working on the audio hacking and the only thing that's preventing custom audio is my inability to find a .dsp converter (which many other gc hackers seem to find readily available for some reason).
    there haven't been any real texture exporters/injectors for melee released. Please help me understand how you're texture hacking melee.
    Yeah, red's really good: we used to play a year or so a go and he beat me pretty consistently. Actually saw him again at a tournament down in GA I went to a few weeks ago. If you are free Friday night, then I can play :)
    not yet once i get every detail made up i'll make it. or start the thread soon.
    plan is for on April 4th June 6th and July 25th. first in arkansas/tn next one more east and final one in the middle of SE
    the plan is slowly being put into action well a mid south - east tournaments.

    first one plans on being in Texas around April but working out few more details before everything is a go then after that one in Florida.
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