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  • im not, im leaving town tomorrow for GA and i wont be back until august. when im back in town i'll let you know and we can play then. :)
    Wassup, I'm just new to this site thinking I would find sum good players cause most of the people I fight I win against them. T~T So If u wanna brawl just visit my profile and exchange friend codes.^V^
    That sounds awesome. Dan (daniel smith) used to be my steady doubles partner for a long time. He's a great doubles player. It's like he can read my mind sometimes. I'd love to get some games in with the MUS guys.
    Yes, bringing a Wii/Cube/Melee/TV would be helpful, even if you can't get there until 4. And I don't know what the side tournament is this week, usually we just keep playing whatever other people want to play (Left 4 Dead has been popular lately, ditto with Guitar Hero, but we haven't really had a tournament for them)
    Yeah, if the singles is finished by then I'll be really surprised, we're notoriously bad at running things quickly (despite Chad's best efforts). And friendlies always last well into the night.
    Awesome man, I'll be there, it'll be nice to see you guys. I'm glad MUS still reps Smash. :)
    Organization? In this apartment? It's less likely than you'd think (which is pretty bad to begin with).

    Meaning all we did last time was tell me, Chad, Iori, Nite, and NES n00b not to team with each other, and then anything goes.
    I don't know if we're doing any specific "train a noob" tourneys, but that's pretty much what ends up happening at the usual triweeklies we've been having. The last one we all made an effort to have the usual top 5 placers team with other people (so no super broken teams), so that was sort of an "adopt-a-noob teammate" deal, that might be what you're thinking of.
    Yo, you guys plannin on Brawlin anytime soon. I haven;t played in forever...I can feel the rust settling.
    I'm free today and then on tuesday after like 3 or so, but the rest of the week I have stuff planned. Just give me a call if you want to come over.
    We'll probably have people over this Friday and Saturday for smash, so feel free to come over. Brawl is fine, but if you really want to try learning/relearning Melee, that would be much (much much much) preferred.
    lol okay, Give me a heads up when your available so we can set something up.
    Meh alright. I guess DK'll **** the newbs around here until I'm able to get some real comp, lol.
    Yo, what are you doing this weekend. I need some people to Smash with.
    hmm? Did I ask you about MUS? lol sorry. that was my highschool in memphis, i probably asked if thats where you lived
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