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    My family doesn't celebrate New Years. What about you? And i play only Brawl competitively, but i would gladly play Melee and 64, maybe drop Brawl, if there were any tournaments in my area, but the closest ones are hours away.
    Lol ikr? Everyone calls me Artemis or Arty. I'm doing fine, excited for the new year, and you? Which Smash games do you play competitively?
    You're asexual, too? I thought i'd never run into another asexual smasher. =o
    Sadly, I don't think they care very much. =( I'll see if I can go though.
    Possibly. My brother might be back in town by then for the holidays, so I might be doing something with him that day. If I'm not doing anything, I might go. I can guarantee you won't see many Runaway7 members though. I'm probably the most active member and I barely play.
    Umm let me see if i can swap with someone at work since i'm working 4pm to 10 pm
    haha Thanks man. I just have a lot of catching up to do. My old 2005-06 metagame gets in the way of a lot of stuff, it's a constant battle not only with my opponents but with my self haha! I might go to FAP though. We'll see :)
    Well despite my ****ty performance, it was a great Tourney experience. The south/mid south repped hard.
    Sorry bro. I know you and Harriet the guy asked me a few times when I didn't have my controller and by the time I got it back, I think you guys left already :(
    My Marth huh? haha hope it doesn't fail to impress you and the rest of FL.

    xD a little under 3 weeks until this, hype hype!
    Yeah, it won't read disks. I doesn't even sound like it trying to spin the disk. It started working for about a month and a half but it stopped working again :(.
    Well, My mom made me move here. I'm probably gonna have to stay here till I'm out of HS.

    So, whats up with you.
    Nothin much. I went to a new school this week. yay...

    SC is very boring. Can't wait to go back to MD ^_^
    I really don't know. lol I just started getting back into Case Closed.
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