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  • Woah man that's awesome!! That isn't THAT far away from me.
    How long have you two been playing Melee and what characters do you play?
    I see Ambix got you to add me. lol. yeah Yoshiiscool and I live in Murfreesboro and we play melee.
    sadly I just moved to Pittsburgh about a month ago.

    though if you're looking for people in TN to smash with there are plenty on the western side of the state.

    Memphis has about 20 regular smashers.

    Hit some of the people up in this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=279392

    IhaveSpaceballs in particular is pretty cool.

    There are also some good smashers in murfeesburo unless they moved.

    Look for KOKingpin.
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