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  • So there is another Mewtwo - Chainz in Tennessee?
    Either Mew2Chainz or Jew2Chainz, I can't remember which.
    All I can remember is it was a Melee Sheik.
    I challenge you to a pony plushie match. The loser has to buy the winner a $50 plushie

    Maybe. If I actually go again
    Got to play you at MTAC. 'Twas nice seeing other smashers. <3 You were amazing. Shame no one else was very social. I felt awkward being so giddy at the thought of other smashers.
    Yeah. Well probably have to do it tomorrow, cause I have to meet a guy in bolivar tonight =(
    Lol no way. I'm working there xD

    I have no idea about smash plans. If we can't find a place to smash, want to grab dinner somewhere?
    Yo dawg. I'll be in Jackson Tuesday and Wednesday, at the Future Optics lab. It's like a mile from Lambuth University.
    Yo, I haven't checked my PM box in forever. xD Mybad.

    You gotta teach me how to JC shine when I go to TN this summer. It's just too ****.
    If you think most pros can illusion stall on 2x speed you're crazy. I have never even thought about how difficult that would be.

    I just started playing BB myself, I suck but whatever. I play Arakune.

    I play SF games most of the time, mostly CvS2, Marvel, SF4, 3S, and now TvC. I'm okay. Can you multi moonwalk with Peach? How about FC nairs? If you can do those you're probably SW level. <_<
    35!?! Dammmmmmmn, thats a lot. I can only do flashy stuff with Falcon. I love multi moonwalking. lol But yeah you should definitely make the vid. Your JC shines are pretty ****. There's a couple of players in Kingsport, Weslo and Moodles, Weslo's pretty good, you'll probably wreck Moodles, I know I do lol.
    I saw you're vids. Your JC shines are sick. You should make a techskill vid. Like, I'm so serious. lol

    We should play when I come down this summer, my techskill is high level, I can't JC shine and shield drop tho but whatever. I main Falcon. Do you know where Kingsport is?
    It's good to see another good 15 year old smash player. And you're in Tennesse too. I go down there for the summer :D
    Cmon man, we're the same age and I made it all the way across the US to attend Genesis. You can AT LEAST make it to Pound.
    Some time during the summer I'm gonna convince someone to drive me down to where ever it is you live and we will play smash all day.
    Haha. Oh well man. If you get a game store or something to host a tourney, it'd work.


    Nah, not Flandre, Ran.
    Rofl, well if you decide to host a smashfest/small tourney and I'm in town, I'll definitely show up and try to bring some friends.

    And we're all good guys. No questionable stuff lol.
    I don't know if you saw the 2 links in my last post. You might like them. You should upload you playing as pichu, you sound decent or better
    Jackson is only an hour-ish away from Memphis. We've got a semi-decent Melee scene over here.
    Hey the pichu video should be up in 5-10 minutes unless it messes up.
    I know for a fact everyone in the world can learn something form it. it will be in the brawl video selction till they move it

    here it is

    join if you wish
    bad news my coputer destroted all my work for the pichu guide, so I have to start all over, but I am going to take my time to make it much better than want it was going to be
    That has always buged me about pichu. What to do after a kill other than taunt. You may get 2 taunts but pichu needs something more. I put somewhere me doing some Up-B tricks(not all the tricks). It's petty hard I have nearly perfected it(but it's only good when perfected).

    You jump and Up-B and slide like your WDing and if your lazy you can just jump and up-B to them, but when you do it it's much more punishable, because you can't be sneakly with like on the ground.

    I can't start the guide thing till tomorrow because I don't have my GC with me. Once I get that done. I will rewrite my written guide, because some of it is wrong and was poorly written.

    But why do you play as pichu? I play due to the random option and pikachu sucks so I picked pichu more often in random. plus I inspired myself.
    Good news, I figured out how to edit videos and put them on youtube so now I can make a pichu guide, any ideas what to put in it. I will have a few stage tricks,up-B stuff,thunders uses in combo starting and edge gaurd(they can go together), and sheild pressure
    mini pichu boards by me

    Can you do this because it helps your game but don't try unless you want it

    I just wrote this because because I was bored You could post this on the pichu boards if want.

    Don't worry I will get to his flaws

    Pichu is insulted all the time by being called useless. Look at his moves

    only the main uses but there is more for some like nair can be used for edge gaurd
    jab-sheild pressure/way to stop a CCer sometimes
    f-tilt- I know people edgegaurd with this and it stays out long so it works good
    d-tilt- edge gaurd and breathing room
    uptilt-combos,grabs etc
    Dash attack-tech chase, edge set-up
    up-smash, great kill power and it can combo
    F-smash- uber powerful ,egdegaurd great even if they can get out
    d-smash- I use it for edgegaurd and egdegaurd set-up and higher percent kills
    nair-combos,grabs,and about the most common move to see
    dair- combo finisher,edge gaurd
    upair- juggle,grab, ****
    fair- grab, and any percent combos
    bair combo finisher, even if its close to nair
    pummel-(tied for best pummel in the game look at M2K's guide) tact on damage
    f-throw- chain throw and at some %s a tech chase
    D-throw-tech chase and up-smash setup
    b-throw -edge gaurd set-up,kill at high percents
    up-throw-chain throw,combos
    B-approach,edge gaurd,spam, recovery
    Side-B-recovery and risky kill
    down B- juggle,kill.edge gaurd, combos

    I didn't see any really bad moves other than maybe f-tilt and dash-attack
    nothing like bowser down-B ,marth's up-smash and down-smash,fox/falco's fair, luigi's d-tilt, or any weak group of moves like the ice climbers air game, only 2 or 3 are laggy or have bad start over time. he isn't like marth
    missing a projectile. pichu isn't like falco,dr.mario and etc. he isn't lacking a good grab game for many people like Falco. pichu has tricks, speed, powerful kill moves,flexible chain throws,a great juggle ,a great recovery,decent to good edge gaurd, a great shield for his size,he's small,and the list would countinue but I just want to be general. how many top/high tiers have all of these? none other than maybe the ice climbers but they fail in the air other than juggling and they lose alot when nana is dead so yeah.

    Everyone has at least one major flaw all of the top tier has bad recoveries and aren't to hard to combo and those 2 things work together to combo them off the stage and get gimped, but they have defences and pressure and a flexible game plan due to years of people always trying to be better vs about a small group of people not really trying to go.

    pichu could work out a real plan for everyone, like fox SHFFL a fair/upair get the free grab chain throw him to death or juggle him to death, this could be the basic lay out to how to fight fox plus you can throw in other other good combos like Down-B to upair to _____.

    pichu is light weight,does small damage to himself,range,short tech.
    recovery counters the light weight, self damage doesn't F*** you up much it may do about 25-30 damage to you if you the the moves but dpon't spam them,short tech isn't super bad unless you are a fast faller.

    We all know pichu has flaws and we all know he can be better so if you want to be good don't b**** and just try.

    Random pichu stuff I discovered
    jab dogdes peaches and zedla's grab meaning you have great sheild pressure on them

    pichu's throws has lower knockback than pikachu's meaning pichu can chain throw longer and set up more combos

    you can combo with Down-B to upair easily vs fox/falco but it's hard vs falcon

    pichu can use his upair under battlefield and hit the edge guarder.

    fair to uptilt/d-tilt should lead to another fair makeing it a pillar, I would love it if someone would look at this more but it seems to work

    the f-throw chain throw is a terrible chain throw because anyone with good di or knows the move will get out very fast, same is true for pikachu but hurts him more.

    I am testing a new edge gaurd for pichu that if it works should finish them off. run and jump off and jump back and use down-B so that it is just in front of the edge and vs fox and falco it sets up a nair or whatever, It shouldn't be techable.

    up-throw fair grab maybe d-throw for floaties

    UP-B data it's faster than a wavedash by far

    this is the most lagless move in the game

    there are 3 parts to this move
    1.the small part when you can go thought the platforms without stopping(about the size of pichu)about 1/6
    2.just ground being covered
    3.most important the part were you kind of wd and stop at the egde or hit the ground without slowing it makes up 1/4 of the first jump and if landed it stops you from using the 2nd jump(good thing). you need to learn how long it is, without it, it is as long as a platform on battlefield

    pikachu can do this but it's not nearly as good due to lag and length

    sometimes if you go a little to high you can save yourself from killing yourself remember watch his feet

    know your stage very well because in some places this is automatic and you can angle this to go up a few slopes perfectly
    I just try to help pichu players when I see, I am banned from the melee boards so it's hard to help.

    what pichu has on pikachu, only the important stuff

    1.only pichu's Down B can combo fox,falco,Falcon and yes it is a realist combo to pull off if you aren't hit by it
    2.pichu can wall jump/scarjump
    3.pichu has a much better sheild
    4. pichu has about double the grab range of pikachu(if you chis backwards range)
    5.pichu(about 2 working but hard chain throws) isn't 100% ***** by the ice climbers grab game unlike pikachu(about 7 chain throws)
    6.pichu's Up-B can move him around the stage really fast without less lag
    7.pichu is much harder to hit
    8. pichu's throws have less knockbacck meaning longer lasting throws
    9.pichu can duck under alot of attacks ex. he can run under samus's missles, when jabing/duck peach/zealda can't grab him unless they standing on him giving him great sheild pressure that can't be punished. there more but rarly useful
    10.faster air moves
    11.can just plain **** fox,falco and Falcon all day with juggleing and chances are if you get a stuck in the juggle as them that can easily be a stock because if the pichu knows what he is doing he can slip a kill move in whenever he wants.
    12. upair sets up easy grabs for fox,falco and Falcon which sets up whatever you want
    13. has a retarted amount of grab set-ups with a 100% one,all his air moves , B , uptilt and upsmash
    14.best taunt/s
    15.best F-smash knockback wise unless the sandbag lied to me.
    15.lagless up-B recovery meaning you can't be punish because of your lag, i only put this one here because someone who said pichu sucks said pikachu could be punished when landing so yeah
    16.better mindgames, don't even lie you know it's true 1st the mindgame of playing as pichu and his walk and ducking easily mindgame people. plus the taunts and UP-B stuff

    There are more reasons best here are the important ones
    Random question, but are you incapable of posting in paragraph form? I find your posting style extremely annoying.
    I don't think you could make it.
    It starts at 8:00pm Friday and ends at who knows when.
    Ayy, I can't.
    I don't have any of the Touhou games, I just know them well.....
    I've done some research on my favorite characters, and that's about it.
    I've seen the gameplay and final/extra stage bosses, so......
    Sorry =(
    Hay, I got that Touhou fighting game working, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, wanna do some net battles later?
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