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  • yo, merkuri is virusbluemage (confirmed by people who met him irl) so don't even waste your time on him lol
    Yeah I definitely watched it. I used to main m2 after seeing Taj's first combo video when it came out. It was the same as usual, though. No name opponents with bad DI and sequences of his opponent making bad decisions or not sweetspotting or failing tech skill lol. It was still a good watch though.
    Well, what bothering me the most is what music I will use. I don't have any song in perticular, and thats whats bugging me about it. I do have at least 7 amazing start to finishers tho that don't involve mistakes. I will make sure this one is short and sweet.
    I found a way to continue the series where I left off in the 3rd one. Sadly it is the last of its kind so I am making it with the best combos I can generate. <.< there will still be no djc fair, at least at the moment there aren't any.
    lol thanks, and I wish you guys all the luck in your pursuit of mewtwo success, you're gonna need it. xD

    Hitting it off is putting it mildly. ;)
    Hey. I heard you going to Apex right?
    Wanna money match? $10? Mewtwo vs YL?
    well kinda. im mostly a brawl player, but i've been trying to get into melee. I only got back in like maybe 2 months ago? since then my main was Falcon, but i switched to Ganondorf
    "my friend had a theory that the pikachu in brawl is the evolved pichu from melee.

    anyone hear anything like that b4?"

    yeah cause they both have a same headband thing + they both have a same taunt
    For sure, I dropped the rest of the characters I was kinda playin too. I think I'll always like mario/doc though. But I'm mostly sticking with Jiggz/Mewtwo/Ganon now.

    Yeah dude go to smashfests, tourneys, whatever you want. I play this game just for fun now, it's best that way. :)
    Yeah man been a while. I don't really use this account much anymore. I'm doing alot better by the way. I've recently started maining jigglypuff, which is fun as hell. What's funny is mewtwo is still one of my best characters, if not my best. It goes:
    1. Jiggz
    1/2. Mewtwo.
    3. Ganon.

    Yeah it has been a while, how you been doing?
    Holy **** you went out of your way for that, and waited like a month, haha, which means you waited until I was maddest, ****.


    ¿pɐɯ noʎ os 'ɥo
    aye the farthest our little southern crew goes to is PLU in dupont, pacific lutheran university, so if your ever down to play, hit me up, we're smashing tomorrow

    From the game itself. I included all character voices (Mewtwo, Falco, Fox, Marth, Captain Falcon), just in case. Also supplied a majority of the sound effects in general.
    *None of the voice files are named, though, but they're in their respective folders.

    If there's anything I may've overlooked, feel free to note.~
    Hey there, noticed your thread with seeking character voices and sound effects and whatnot... I've got access to the lot of 'em; what exactly are you looking for? (:
    umm, your 3 stock eggz fox with your m2, lol wtf man, y dont u play like that all the time, i mean sh!7 was he sandbagging or were u just having a n!gg4 moment
    ya your vids the only one that i've seen, that does all that flippin through some book animation or whatever
    i'll definitely see you and all of washington that weekend, even if i dont make the tourney lol
    Yeah I guess that'd be nice, someday I'll be good enough to actually win maybe? Anyway, it feels good using the character I love :p
    Did you see my post in the "ask taj" thread? I was like, "hey if I'm just gonna play this game casually, I'm gonna use the character I love". I used him today, and I'm starting to try to correct bad habits. I'm going to use more Shadowball spam, nair spam counters, spaced Dtilt. I got into a bad habit of spamming shieldgrab :( :( :( Never do that lol. Bad bad habit to get into.

    Anyway, when I play smart, relax, and play correctly, I don't do terribly. I'll have to see how it goes. Good ol mewtwo ;)
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