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  • yea music. your music has always *****. and glad to hear this one is shorter and has more start to finishes. sounds really good. im definitely gonna cut the length down on my next one. a full ten was too much. and im gonna use more fitting music. and better editing.

    but anyways really looking forward to the next video.
    thats whats up. I think djc could help your game but I wouldn't add it just cuz we talk about it.

    ive always enjoyed your style so don't worry about trying to change. I like that your vidz always showcase your style of play and not that of how an "orthodox" m2 plays.

    mewtation 3 is my favorite one you made so far. how close are you to finishing 4?
    LOL. HOW! you just released the 3rd M2 one. and kinda the second one.

    I cant wait to see that **** tho no doubt. I needa get working on mine. I dont even have footage yet. Im gonna start recording this weekend I hope.

    Is this one gonna be in the mewtation series? Or one with different characters?
    IORI!!, wooooooooooot your birthday's coming up, I jus checked to see which people i'm older than, and i'm older than you wooooooooooooot!! ^^ lol Happy not yet birthday! lol

    Go Mewtwo....

    ..and Yoshi! XD
    Lol no.

    Are there any days that you have where you don't have the graveyard shift?
    hey iori did ambix's phone number change? i tried to call him but it said it was out of order. I'm lookin for some peach help
    I really thought that match was luck based but I tried my best against an impossible match up. Sadly I couldn't hold more stocks to compete with that marth. Was any of it recorded by the way.
    aHH i see. Im pretty good vs doc and Im working on the peach. I had a close tourney set last night with that peach player you beat at Genesis during the crew battle.

    His ****in *** went and got better lol, not to mention he is like 4th best in WA just under silent wolf and eggz and ka master.

    I think that us m2s should really hit the matchup discussions again.
    what up son. I completely forgot what I was about to tell you lol. I think I was bout to ask you if you played any other characters in tourney?
    doubtful due to i don't make sig's but i'll ask one of my sig making friends
    Wednesday? What calender are you useing? and I actually ment the 19th anyway. XP (Saturday)

    My mom hates people comming into the house, so I can't really have people over to brawl. T_T CaptainN is in a similar boat. We could probably do a mini thing at CBU if you wanted to bring a setup. Fridays are best for both of us. :)
    We want to have our next crew meet sometime in December. Maybe December 18th. We're thinking about going up to Jackson to play with PCHU and some other smashers up there. You'de be welcomee to carpool. ;)
    I see you're ranked 2nd on the Mid-South Power Rankings, nice. Who do you main? And also, how did you get ranked? Like, did you just go to a bunch of tournaments? Because I can never find any in TN =(.
    Oh and hey, check your allisbrawl next chance you get, I sent you an invite to the crew page on there, that's where we keep the most updated. ^_^
    PCHU can't come anymore to memphis gatherings, his parents don;t like him being that far away. HOWEVER, I am trying to work something out with warpd to have the next meet in Jackson...so you could play him at that one if it comes to pass. We'll be playing at the U of M art lounge. Talon will be there, ^_^ (hopefully) If you come will you bring your wii set up again? We'll have a record little tourney setting going with another wii. :)
    You're invited to our next crew meet! ^_^ Saturday, October 24th. Talon and whoever else you know are invited as well. We needs more set ups if you bring extra brawl peeps though, we only have 2 wiis atm. Alot of soul calibur players are comming up as well this time. :) expect soem sc4 and sc2 action on top of the smash, and 360 fps if you're into those. Hope you can make it man, and rest assured this one won;t be cancelled. I have a feeling an angry mob would come after me if that happend. >_>
    Hey, Iori, some news. Some stuff came up and most of our crew..includeing myself can;t make it Saturday. Only Warpd and CaptainN can still make it. So I left Warpd in charge, I'll text you his number. Talon and his crew are still planning on makeing it as well, so there will still be a crowed no worries. ^_^ Granted Warpd want's to plan it, he may cancell, just I didn;t want this thing to fall apart b/c of me...like that one time. :(
    No. :\ He really wants to come but his parents don't like him being an hour away in case something happens. Which is odd to me b/c an hour isn't that far away...and they let him come once and everything was fine.
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