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  • is it funny because combo status doesnt exist anymore?
    now our crew is active artwork, me ka and eggu
    If I am unsure it will most be falcon. It only comes to that if I am up against a peach or doc. Any other character I feel confident that my m2 can win.
    ya we should form a crew, me u, syler, oreo, b-mello, or just like the SOUTH vs the EAST vs FDT vs COMBO STATUS vs KA MASTER LoL, cuz KA's in a league of his own
    falcon's just fun to combo with, and marth is just fun to gimp with, i just kinda go with the flow
    ya i'll get at ya with the falcon, oh yea and oreo lost the money match against sylers falcon providing me with a double cheeseburger from BK
    Nice, I'll be looking forward to it. Once I stop underachieving maybe I can add my own mewtwo to the boards vid collection. Right now all I have is vids of me getting absolutely ***** lol XD, and I don't even have them on my comp. Sooo....yeah lol.

    Lookin forward to your thread :p
    ya we do needa play sometime, mikes coming back up soon like this saturday, and he might have a smashfest, so we'll see
    how would frame data prove your skill level? you can come over and use it, im never letting anyone borrow it lol. it has like 5 cracks in it and im not trying to buy another one of the internet or something gay lol
    i have 10 planned out and the rest is going to be filler. the filler wont be anything as bad as zelghandis and ill prolly end up making a couple more routines. so far i have 2 routines done, one of them being the hardest one
    i havent played with it much (haven't been smashing much cuz I don't want to alone) but it's pretty good and definitely very helpful to me overall
    NM just getting stoned and playing Smash, but no one around he really plays so all I can do is practice my tech skills and get even more baked then practice longer and break my controllers. Using Falco.
    I main marth now lol he's koo just a headache having to read techs and not *** up on gimps other than that I like the sword
    u need to stop shining so much and throw in more nairs and grab to up throws and your fox is pretty technical and i hate u for that
    That person saying that was probably Mow pretending to be a fan of himself.
    Naw, there aren't many smashers around here. I just mess around with a few of my friends. I'll probably link up with Silent Wolf and all those other guys in Seattle when I head off to college.
    Yup. But I'm currently not able to actively attend tournaments. I need to get out of high school first. >_>
    I'm pretty much retired. I am considering making an appearance at Pound 4 though.
    No clue lol, I didn't go there. But like, imagine you going from there to SFU is length A, and from there to Alberta is length B. Why not just take a highway that's like a hypothenus? Like a length C or something lol. I dunno if you understand what I'm saying but yeah
    You've been to BC, right? Well, we're right beside BC. If there's a highway that can cut through straight from Washington to Alberta, it shouldn't take THAT long, you guys could get here in a day or so.
    I heard somewhere that you guys can get a passcard, which is like a passport but it's like half as cheap and instead of allowing you to fly over the border, you can drive over.
    Yo, kline this is chase, the dude from sylers tourney, so i heard you live in federal way, and was wondering if you wanted to smash some time. you should send me a message on here or hit me up at 253 927 3488 and let me know whts up. (ask for chase on the phone)
    No idea bro. If your team is good and sticks together, you'll get all four through.

    In Versus mode you take turns as being Survivors and Infected, and your points at the end get multiplied by the amount of survivors who...survived.
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