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  • Hey! Big fan of yours. Im looking to main Mewtwo in Melee as a newcomer to the game. Ok not really a newcomer I've technically been playing for a year but I've been severely inhibited in practice routines due to trash internet and a lack of a gamecube.
    I owe you one for introducing me to Wildbow's "Worm."

    Seriously, if for some reason you're ever in NC, pizza and a six-pack of fierce grape is on me.
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    Make that two pizzas.

    Dang, what a ride. Thanks, Tony. <3
    Hey. Thank you for all the great Mewtwo vids. They've really helped out my game. Also thanks for being one of the few pros to main a underrated character
    Hey Taj, I saw your combo video a looooong time ago and it completely inspired me to play Mewtwo. I made this video like 4 years ago dedicated to Mewtwo/Melee and I feel like you'd definitely feel where I'm comin from on this haha. It's goofy but I always wanted the smash community to see it. Mewtwo till infinity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccf40wo3uJU
    You said to hit you up
    So I'm hitting you up

    Talk to me about Mewtwo or something
    Do you have a character preference for genesis, or just going with what feels right. Just curious cuz I know you been gettin some sword practice in and I was wondering if u were leaning towards marth
    I see that you are online... what a coincidence! We have so much in common ;)

    Lol see ya at Genesis 2 buddy.
    Idk why I'm just now reading your visitor message lol! I do have AIM, but I'm RARELY on. You're better off just texting me or something XD

    <3 Taj
    Let me just say that it was awesome meeting and interviewing you. It was even more cool to see your Mewtwo in action. I'm sure Gary was honored to fight against it. I would be.

    I'll keep in touch about the film. I can guarantee you that you'll be in it, if only for a little bit. I'll probably be publishing it on my own personal website, streaming it for free of course.
    Hey Taj I heard you'r;e going to DEVASTATION?

    If you are, I'm filming for a documentary. Wanted to see if I could get an interview with you.
    Yo Taj! Come camping with us memorial weekend! Bryce should be driving this way. We are camping Friday thru Monday. Its gonna be awesome.

    Although odds are you work huh :(
    I'd just like to let you know that your mewtwo is amazing (you've heard that a lot I bet), and that Mewtwo is an organized crime-mob boss guy, it's true.
    You totally should go to pound 4,
    <nutriding> cause your mewtwo and use of such a bad character is phenomenal </nutriding>.
    Wild MEWTWO appeared!

    I bet you get a lot of people like this and vv that vv posting here, don't you.
    I didn't even know you modded this place.

    I love your Mewtwo.... and I think you a little bit. ;o
    Dam haha that sucks. but life goes on ya kno.
    Pound 4 tho I am looking forward to.
    Hey Taj is it ok if I use some clips of your Mewtwo for my trailer? ' "AN INTER-DIMENSIONAL COMBO VIDEO" 09/0?/09 or when 999 post.

    Reason: Mewtwo symbolizes an Inter-Dimensional being as like Mr.Game and Watch.

    This might be true or maybe it's all a hoax, experiment, fabrication that our government has imposed on me to see how I would be affected by the incident that occured in my childhood; age 9 or 10. I was 10 feet away from what I think could possibly be a Inter-Dimensional being/ Alien or maybe it's all fake and someone suited up as a Alien/Inter-Dimensional being to scare the Crap out of me and see how my life would be as I grow older.

    -I experienced 3 encounters and so has my mom in her country once. There was the killing of chickens sometimes at night in order to make it seem more real if so conducted by our government; if not conducted by our government it was because they had to try to survive on some type of source. It could have not been a coyote, fox, pasum, wolf, bobcat because there were no tears on the roof or contortions of wiring for entries. And also...to many chickens, african guinis, peacocks, were found dead without a trace of blood in them or on the ground!!!

    Description of Inter-Dimensional being / Alien: White skin, very tall; 7 feet tall, big black eyes and skinny.

    Well it's up to you if you say I could. I'm also going to ask other Mewtwo players.

    -Combo video will mostly be all game and watch and a segment of Mewtwo
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