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  • hey man, if you dont mind my asking, whens shadowclaw 3 is comin out? that is, if it is coming out lol...
    hey i know your going to genesis, but my question is, are you going to use your mew2, or stick with marth?

    I don't know who but a Mod kicked me out of the melee boards without giving me a reason when I had a ice climber video thread going and I keep the pichu boards alive about 3 posts since I have been banned from it.

    And if you still stick with your choice then please at least give me a reason why so I can be a better poster/person.
    Yo thanx for letting me come over to get my *** wooped I'll be ready to play again once my wounds heal thanx again
    I never thanked you for playing me at Mango Juice, it was awesome even if I did basically get shut down :(

    I now realize that it wasn't sheer speed that locked me out(though you were still faster than Zhu's Falco to be honest) it's the fact that you can bypass one of the only things that gives me a chance to hit when playing Kirby: You don't have to jump over me to avoid me. When I play against alot of characters I space their landings with grabs and such to give me a chance to get some hits in but you can straight out avoid me by Short hopping teleport. It's sad, but honestly you could probably beat me by simply hitting me once and running away for 8 minutes because kirby is really that terrible :(
    Ha ha two questions lol how come ur the mod of the pichu forums lol. and did u figure out if u was goin to mango juice?
    hey taj ,when you go to the genesis ,dude you need to **** harder than fox and J-puff put together ,because mewtwo is technically the only non=clone removed from brawl ,so ******** brawlers see mewtwo ****** the }{oly }{ell out of everyone and think hmm i want to do that and try melee

    and you have inspired a lot of people now , so keep up the good work

    sorry for bugging you
    Taj, be awesome and do some Kirby Vs M2 matches with me at Mango Juice. This may be my only chance to play the best M2 in the world before Genesis.
    You are like a mini-moderator. Though, I have to admit, all I want is rights to one board for myself.

    I don't care about any others.
    O rly?

    Cristen me and make me one as well! I have like 5 times as many posts as you. I'm obviously more qualified.
    Nothing much dude, just chilling. How bout you?

    Oh and sorry for the random post, I figured I should start speaking to the smashers I added on my friend list. =P
    Ha ha lol didnt think about that lol. Obviously u and forward arent the only ppl who smash in AZ lol. good lookin out yo.
    yea I feel it lol. Kinda sucks. BUt yea Id probably only stay a couple of days or something but do u kno if there are any hotels nearby or somwhere i could crash?
    ok. Cuz I might hit u up over my spring break after mango juice if thas coo. U still smash wit forward alot?
    Thats whats up yo. If u didnt make it to mango juice would u be at home anytime from march 23rd-28th??
    Yea thats coo. Ill prob be down there. But **** yo I wanna play some melee lol. U stay out in arizona right? If I made it down there u down to smash sometime?
    Yea ShadowClaw3 lol. I Liked how ur m2 changed as time went on. U got lots of new **** thats more effective in sc2 than from sc1. Keep up the pimpinescense lol. U goin to mango juice???
    Lol. There's a Taj on the current season of Survivor. Thought you might like to know.
    hey just wondering have u seen this b4. I had never seen anyone do this and I posted it as new. Just wondering

    Quak said hed seen it b4 i believe. Im only referring to the shadowball to disable tho. The first part was just an easy way to get them over the edge. And I have done this in real matches. Tell me what u think if u get the chance.
    hey ive never been able to talk to you b4 but hey im derek, but everyone calls me tucker, i love watching shadow claw, its **** man, idk how much better shadow claw 3 is gunna be but i think that my mind will cave in and my eyes will pop out of socket from just watching people getting owned that hard lulz
    Not only did you make Mewtwo look amazing in Melee, you also made him fun as hell. I picked up him today and I really enjoyed using him. I'm actually considering playing Melee again just to main Mewtwo =D
    You need to make brawl videos!!!!!! When I started melee about oh... a year ago, all I did was focus on mewtwo and zelda, and based my mewtwo game on yours. (I've also seen your other vids). Now that I mainly brawl instead of melee, I catch myself trying to find videos of you on youtube to no luck.
    Aah, cool. Are you using Paid Transfer or Free? It seems a bit pricey to pay 25$ for each transfer, even if there's a cooldown (Hah!) on it.
    I hear tell 'round these parts you play WoW.

    Any particular server? Us Pennsylvanians play on Detheroc.
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