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  • E-Hero Gaia is small talk. Wait until we get Elemental Hero Absolute Zero (look him up, he's amazing) then you can have loads of fun. Elemental Hero Monster + 1 WATER monster. Effect is too good for the simple cost. I've made at least 3 or 4 deck variants with him. So good.

    "I run a few things, but I'm mostly the deck builder. I build a deck, play with it, get bored, build another one. So nothing at the moment besides the main deck, which is Gigavise. Also have Empty Jar and Uria, building towards Gadgets soon."

    This is the coolest and most relate-able yugioh thing I've read ever. Since this game came out, I've always been a tester. The process is the same. Get a cool idea for a combo/deck theme, find the cards to make it, make the Deck, play with it a little bit, watch it work one out of every nine times, dismantle it, and move on.

    I've recently picked up a couple ideas for new decks, especially after reading the spoiler for Absolute Powerforce. Gravekeepers get some nice support, but I was outrageously excited to see freaking Umi getting support. I maindecked A Legendary Ocean for almost a year before picking up other things. So much fun. It's great to see them getting a push.

    I've got you on the bit about friends and locals. I've strayed away from running anything really meta because all of my friends run them. I have a 2-time regional champ Lightsworn friend, a Gladiator Beast player, a Blackwing player, a Monarch player, and a cool Japan crossover running Junk and Debris.

    Our locals are ridiculous. We go to three different locations and they vary in size. One has about 6~10 good people, one has about 10~20 total attendance. The most recent place we've been going to... god.. upwards of 50 people? At a LOCAL? Ridiculous.

    Meta all around, with some random noobs tossed in for easy wins. xD

    YGO is good stuff, it seems.
    Bent cards are too good. I started bending some of my sleeves to accommodate my bent deck. 8D

    Care to share what you're all into running? It turns out that my idea for a new deck (Ben Kei OTK because <3 Arms Hole releasing into TCG) burned out badly, so I'm back to running Harpies. The release of Mist Valley Soldier helped a LOT.

    If you want to save it for MM purposes, since I think we had one of those going down, that's cool too. I wish I could freaking come down there and play you guys. Too much distance.
    Yeah, I had intent to go to SJC, but I didn't check anywhere online and went off word of mouth. For some reason, my friends told me it was Sunday.

    Day 2 was Sunday. I definitely missed it.

    Did you end up going? HOW DID YOU DO!?!?!?!~
    So if your not going who all do you know isnt going to the circuit one? So i can update it Lake said you all were coming so i put you all down
    Sup dude this is the doc that you played yesterday. Hope to play you sometime again bro. Great minds think alike!
    Yes, I normally am on Ner'zhul, but a couple of weeks ago I transferred to Firetree to 3v3 with some friends, but I will be back on Ner'zhul in a couple of weeks.
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