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  • Thats whats up. Yea dude, Genesis will be the ****!!! sooo much hype. IMO better than pound.

    u should def try to make that, WC smashers are wayyy more chill.
    So silent wolf, vish, and myself and probably C!Z will be at pound 5.

    If u make it up there...HIT ME UP. we will def get some drinks and some games.
    Hayato! <3

    I miss you so much. I hope to see you at a national or something. How about making your way to GENESIS 2? =D btw if you have MSN mine is adambrown87@hotmail.com
    haha, i haven't done it in awhile too. i still need to bust out some fresh foundation and style for the smash folks though xD
    nice yo i feel u, well the game is mad big right now so its a good time to get back in. youre mad good dude i remember playing you
    i'm decent :p

    me and m2k were at the same pool at HERB2 if you were at that. i thought i hadn't seen you since pound 3 though o_O
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