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  • [yt]E4xppqJZs4M[/yt]

    For future, take the tags "yt" and "/yt" and put them around the green portion of the youtube url
    Sadly autoplay might not be an option as far as I know.
    This is kinda random, but can I get a copy of toph's quote that you have in your sig? It's kind of the most amazing thing ever.
    This sounds kinda early but, you going to Apex 2012? if you are, can we do teams? if we cant do you know anyone who wants a team mate?
    Dude it's fine, I really appreciate the help!
    I know that Prog plays different Falco colors in different styles/mindsets, so I find that interesting.
    Hey man, I seem to have gotten some videos of you on my TV, apparently your pool was on my TV setup? It's was like 32 or something.

    But anyway, I was wondering if you could clear up some of the palyers in some of these videos for me.
    Ranmaru told me you played Red Falco, so I've already gone through most of your pools matches and tagged you in them. But even so if I'm wrong let me know.

    Also who is this Fox/Falco?
    No one seems to know.

    Thanks a lot man!
    The lasers from the throw technically are part of the combo. The counter goes up because they're in stun when the lasers hit (and after they hit). Fox's U-throw is just naturally a multi-hit move. People just don't think about it like that. Most throws are actually multi-hit (Sheik's D-throw > Fair is actually a 3-hit combo despite being 2 moves).

    If the number of hits in the combo meter is greater than 2 when you land the Uair, then you're good. There's only one or two conditions where this is untrue and they're extremely rare and you probably won't ever produce them. On the off chance you do, you'll understand them when they come up anyway.
    I should be able to make it.

    Also, I added you on msn but I can never seem to reach you. Where you at son!?
    lol can't believe I don't have you on msn.

    what the heeelll

    same **** with me yo, i think its a youtube bug. if you change the quality it should go away but for the vids that you cant change quality im pretty much fuked lol.
    hey jpobs did u ever find away to get around that green screen **** on youtube?
    I still post crazy just easier to read cause people won't stop b****in. Plus I felt bad for KK after argueing about pichu vs kirby so much.
    when are you coming back to gtan?

    i was that purple samus player at nightmare's. although i main shiek now.
    Just because floaties should get out of combos most of the time doesn't mean they won't be stupid about how they do it.

    Shield grab those Luigis for free :D
    With Fox you hit Samus up and then see if she has a bunch of really poor or stupid combo-break habits like always Nairing or whatever and try to **** those, sort of like how Falcon tries to **** people for having sidestep/roll/attack habits after he misses the tech chase. Usually they do, mercifully, but when they don't it's like "ASDFGHDLLEW2K;LL; to hell with this dumb character!"
    Also, yeah, Samus vs Fox as Fox is dumb, you have to sort of Falcon it, where you're like

    "Whoa guy I got this plan. I'm going to hit you up. Then you're going to act ******** and I'm going to hit this MONSTROUSLY OVER-POWERED MOVE THAT DOES 18% AND LAUNCHES but it still won't actually combo you. So then I'm going to play around and you're going to be dumb and I'm going to hit this MONSTROUSLY OVER-POWERED MOVE THAT DOES 13-18% AND LAUNCHES but it still won't let anything legitimately link after but now you're going to just wait so I'm going to immediately do this MONSTROUSLY OVER-POWERED MOVE THAT DOES 13-18% AND LAUNCHES OR HITS HORIZONTALLY..." and so forth and so on. Eventually either Samus gets it right or Fox kills her. Or she reaches a position where combos aren't possible anymore.

    And everything goes back to card games on motorcycles ft. lasers and WD back D-smash.

    If you shield D-smash or F-smash or anything that isn't perfect spaced you can work OoS with WD or whatever and punish. If Sheik DIs away from Samus throw she can only combo F-tilt (or do the delayed Charge Shot tech chase that HugS does) and if Sheik sidesteps or rolls on a grapple then she gets a free grab and that sucks for Samus.

    Needles are great against Samus. They can't be CCed, they combo into grab, they beat her projectile, they gimp her offstage, they take out bomb recovery and grapples, they out-prioritize moves because they're a projectile so spacing them is good, etc. They put pressure on her if you use them correctly while you remain fairly safe.

    Spaced aerials just **** with Sheik in general. Bair and Fair are good.
    Sheik molests Samus. Mostly because of grab, Shield --> WD OoS punishes, and spaced aerials.

    D-throw combos to Uair on any DI, even DI away. You can D-throw F-tilt like versus Luigi and then preemptively shield to absorb the neutral air and then shield grab and get pseudo-combos like that going. You can D-throw FJ Fair falling needle at low percent and often hit the regrab if they don't shield immediately after landing. Her throws lead to mixups or Uair combos so she can just spam it and get monster control and damage. At low percent you can D-throw SHFF Fair F-tilt/D-smash sometimes when they DI away from the throw but in on everything else so near the edge it's okay.
    yo tristan, what is the legal drinking age in the bahamas? I was talking to this girl and she wants to know
    You're crazy... Mindgames didn't originate from Melee.
    They originated from SSB64
    its around april 11th.

    its Only In Niagara 3.5434543r54 lol its hosted by Niko_k
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