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  • Hey man! I'm new to the smash scene and I'm looking for competitive play in Guelph. Is the community here still intact more or less? Do smash get gatherings still happen?
    it's cool VMs are weird lol

    yeah that setup by the door was mad lame rofl, thanks again for getting what you could. =)
    I reallllly hope you got more of my friendlies haha, but that's me being a selfish jerk. I'm thankful I got to be recorded at all. XD

    I do appreciate all that you've uploaded so far, thanks for putting in all that work man. =)
    hey, are all of the videos uploaded on your channel the entirety of what you recorded of the me/mango/hbox/armada rotation?
    Hey man. I played you at Pound5. I was the doc. You are a really good fox, didn't know what to do to you. : D
    Sure, teaming sounds fun. We should probably be perma teams partners so we can actually get in sync with each other and do crazy combos ;) I know we have it in us!
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:
    Hey, so I found a used copy at Microplay, and a good deal of decent controllers there...gonna be askin' you guys for tips and actual human game-play soon lol.
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