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  • I am! I always seem to miss something bad when I'm on vacation lol. Last year I missed the earthquake.
    Eh, what bad timing... I'm going on vacation this weekend. xD Do you think you would be off the next weekend, or the one after that perhaps? I'm not exactly sure when I get back.
    Well, I only have internet from 11-2 and a bunch of stuff is blocked, that's all lol. I'm on a friend's computer right now.
    Hey Cafe! I think I might not be going to Otakon :/ My anime friends are all going on vacation/have summer school...
    Thanks :)
    Uhh... just a quick couple...

    How do I handle grenades as Jiggs?
    What do I do with spammy characters (like Falco/Fox/ect.), bait or approach?
    Is using Rollout to get back onto the stage ever a good idea?

    Best Peach ? XD far from it lol I almost quit at Pound. I don't really post often on the boards. Especially as of late.
    Well I had asked Kadaj and he gave me his aim so I'm good and yeah sorry lol A message would have been the better choice huh? lol Btw I'm Kyon the Peach player from Florida.
    Woah top 15 is so good O_o Yeah wifi is a little random...but still :O

    I don't really like AiB lol...
    The website the guy is on is fsmash.org by the way. In case you're bored or something ;o The super good one that lives in MD is blankvi, but he sandbags a lot. There's other really good people on there too.
    I see... maybe you could try clearing some stuff up to make it faster? I think computers get slow sometimes because there's too much stuff that builds up.
    To store pictures...? There's plenty of space on my netbook I thing... the only things it can't do are running super big programs like photoshop.
    D: That sucks... How expensive are the laptops you're looking at though? I have a little netbook that's pretty nice and was only 200 dollars.

    Maybe they forgot or something...? xD Maybe they'll take pictures again this year :3
    Yeah... I haven't gotten a birthday present for 2 years actually :x So I hope they'll get it for me this year xD

    :O You can buy your own things though I guess.
    The webcam really is bad though... :x Do you want to come talk on xat.com/brawltraininggrounds ? It's pretty active right now.

    I've heard good things about the 3D from people who got it today xD I think I'll ask for it for my birthday :3
    I don't have a webcam... well actually I do but it's terrible and the mic doesn't even work :/

    Are you getting the 3DS? :O
    I try to do that... I end up just pressing random buttons sometimes though D: And sometimes I predict something but my move doesn't come out in time on wifi (lol excuses)

    I've seen her posts... I don't know her in person though :O
    It's kinda hard to explain... like when you first start playing competitively you have no idea what's going on. You see someone use a move but have no idea why it works/why the other person blocked it/when you're supposed to use it...

    I try though xD
    Pokemon is cool! ;o

    I watch videos sometimes... but I'm not learning much, I just don't "get it" ._.
    Hmm they're not bad anyway :)

    Recently I've been trying to play Pokemon online... I'm so bad at it xD
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