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  • I guess i'm kinda femme. I don't dress or try to be like that. I just...give off that impression sometimes. xD
    aight, cool. i'm at my dorm right now, soooo call me when you're done your work out and we'll head over? i could meet you @ coxwell or you could meet me here, either works for me, haha. :p

    my rez is @ yonge / bloor.
    when do you finish work? also, i wanna play Brawl+ badly. could we do that at kyle's? let's go!!! i'm way more inclined if you're taggin along.
    The Cali orange is a strictly laughing/giggly high where as the kush is a high that just gets in your head and really disconnects you from everything and chills you out.

    There are no invites for smash bus, once everything is ironed out it's first come first serve.

    I'm obligated to bring at least 30 Canadians <3
    I have two strains and they're both indoor. California Orange and Lemon Kush. <3
    Thanks for the notice, I found the thread yesterday. If I found it a bit before I would of booked the day off work but sadly I can't anymore. =(
    I'm not sleeping over at anybody's on Friday. Saturday night, maybe.

    I forgot, who lives closer to Meadowvale Town Center?
    Wait, lol.

    Are we still talking about the Wugwan Breda Tournament? That's taking place on a Saturday only... right? o.o
    Yeah, but if I sleep over, you can't tell anybody. =P

    GRMO might house me. Where do you live, anyways?

    And is your brother really ********? Or does he just act that way? Lol.
    I think all 3 of us are getting the wrong impression about each other.

    And I was just slightly irked that they can change their usernames and we can't.

    Lol, the real reason why I was "harassing" him was to piss off Crewster, Lulz.
    Wait, there was a reason I called him a hypocrite. That wasn't it.

    He said something... forgot what it was.

    I'm definetly not naive/ignorant, lol.

    Because you know, we can't do it, but yet they can? Just because of their Mod powahs? That's being a Totaltalarianistic hypocrite. =O

    "We don't allow you, but we're going to do it anyways! LOLOLOL".
    Well, that sounded kinda rude. =P

    He was you know... "Look at all the things we have to do!" and I was like, "so"?

    Extra permissions=Extra responsibilities. =O

    I was being lulzy with him lmao.
    Hey bro, it's me, the dude that knows Mr. French. =P

    Are you housing? I'm interested. Please let me know as soon as possible. I think GRMO is already full, so I don't really know who to ask. ^^;

    Thanks in advance. And it's allright if you say no.
    Ah, well that's a shame. Well, I guess I'll have to chat with you later. It was nice getting to know you on Wednesday, mhm. :3
    That's okay. ^_^ It happens. Just IM me whenever you're free. I'll be around whenever... like now. :)
    Thanks! Don't worry, once the new codes get perfected (its kinda crazy atm) I will make sure that is the next code to be made
    Heehee, glad you like it. Yeah, brawl can go suck my AuraSphere, I'm sticking with
    lol yeah I drew them. The new one didn't start out being based of the Faust pic, I drew everything except the hand, then it reminded me of Faust...so I just added it in :D
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